Don’t Wait To Lose The Wedding Weight: 7 Simple Tips To Be Fit For Your Wedding Day

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Before my sister’s wedding, I committed to staying in shape in order to fit into that bridesmaid dress. It was relatively easy to do. I had the spare time for I wasn’t planning a wedding on the side. However, when my role reversed and I became the bride, suddenly I had little time and energy to spare to stay in shape and exercise. For me, it wasn’t so much about how others would perceive my appearance but rather I wanted to feel my best.

When you know all eyes are on you, it can be overwhelming to stay in shape leading up to the wedding day. The added pressure, the stress and  commitment of planning a wedding can often eat away at the time you have to stay in shape and exercise. Rather than throwing in the towel, I found a few simple ways to keep off the pounds before saying, “I do”.

1. Try At Home Work Out Routines and Small Activities Throughout The Day

Everyone works out in different ways. You might like to jog. You could be a gym rat. However, when you are planning a wedding and working at the same time, there can be little time in the day for exercise. To remedy this situation, I would do Pilates and yoga in my living room by following a tried and tested routine on a DVD. When I had the time at home, I could do a few sessions. At home work out routines make it easier to find the time for you don’t have to go anywhere and you can often squeeze in a routine here and there more easily in the day. From rentals on iTunes to those workout routines even on your TV, you can generally turn your home into to gym when you have the time.

You can also keep off the pounds by merely doing small activities throughout the day such as taking a walk on your lunch break at work or using the stairs instead of the elevator at the office. If you can keep moving throughout the day, you stand a better chance of keeping off the pounds come wedding bells.


2. Hold The Champagne, Drink Water

Hold The Champagne, Drink Water

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Most weight loss experts caution anyone from drinking empty calories. If you are trying to look your best for your wedding day, drinking soda, alcohol or even sugary juices can be eating away at your progress. Something that you can easily do to cut back on your calories is to merely drink water. In the seven months leading up to my wedding, I tried to drink water more than anything else. This helped me avoid drinking in extra calories that I didn’t need. Drinking more water also helped to not overeat at meals by having a glass before eating. Drinking more water also can improve the skin, an added bonus for your wedding day. If you substitute the majority of your drinks to water leading up to the big day, you can keep off extra weight a little bit easier.

3. Set an Exercise Schedule with Small Goals

One of the problems that I encountered with trying to stay in shape and exercise for my wedding was the little time that I actually had to work out. After meetings with wedding vendors and planning sessions, all that I really wanted to do was collapse. To power through, I tried to maintain an exercise schedule that I could manage, usually before all of the wedding fatigue would set in later in the day. I also merely did routines that lasted 10 minutes a piece, focusing on different areas I wanted to tone and shape.

If you overwhelm yourself with lots of big goals for your wedding workout, it will become difficult to stick to those goals when you are short on time and low on energy. For those who want to tone and define before the vows, it is best to have a schedule you can manage and small goals so that you can gain a sense of accomplishment more easily.


4. Don’t Buy The Temptations

Don’t Buy The Temptations

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As I was living on my own leading up to my wedding, I controlled the destiny of my grocery shopping list. While it was tempting to head down the chip and candy aisle at the grocery store, I avoided those bad for your food aisles and only bought items that wouldn’t make me feel unhealthy. Out of sight and out of mind, if you don’t buy those foods that tempt you, you won’t be able to eat them when cravings kick in at 9PM on a Saturday after a stressful day of wedding planning.

5. Calories In, Calories Out

I borrowed this line from my physician father. He always tells patients looking to lose weight, “Calories in, calories out,” meaning if you eat a lot, you are still consuming calories. Brides and grooms shouldn’t starve themselves for their wedding days. Rather you can still splurge on those not the best for your meals if you merely cut back on your portions. If you want to keep from overeating too many calories, it is a good idea to have protein rich foods. Protein tends to make you feel full longer so you don’t overeat.

6. Use Phone Apps To Help You Keep Track of Calories

Use Phone Apps To Help You Keep Track of Calories

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With wedding planning, you might have very little time to pay attention to the nutrition labels on your food, let alone keep track of your calories. Luckily, there are many different apps on the market that can help you keep track of your calories. You can use these apps to keep a count of your calories but also they serve as reminders of your goals when you might be pushing it on some of those stressful pre-wedding days.

7. Don’t Go It Alone

Don’t Go It Alone

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If you have another person to motivate you in your quest to stay in shape for your wedding day, you stand a better chance of sticking to routines and exercise schedules. In my case, I tried to do Pilates with my wedding party. It can be a fun way to bond over something not completely wedding related while still staying true to your pre-wedding goals. There would be days where I was completely unmotivated but having the group commitment had me getting through the workout.

Your Turn…

What tips can you add toward staying in shape and healthy for your wedding day? Share your ideas with us below in the comments.