South Africa Bucket List

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Its kind of a surreal feeling to think that in just six weeks we will be heading to South Africa on our once in a lifetime bucket list adventure (not to mention our official honeymoon). Over the last five months, since we have been engaged I have heard “really, South Africa?” probably a hundred times. “Why South Africa? Dont you want to be laying on a white sand beach drinking a cocktail with an umbrella in your hand?”

Bucket List andbeyond

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Sure that sounds dandy, but we have been together for ten years and decided awhile back that we would go on a honeymoon every year instead. So here we are ten years later, making the biggest decision of our lives, “What is the one place in the world we would regret not seeing before we have little rug rats running around?”

Bucket List andbeyond

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South Africa it was!! For four weeks we will be conquering the country and of course, our South Africa Bucket list...


Bucket List luxury safari resort

Safari with Royal Malewane guides

How do you go to Africa and not go on safari? To see these animals in the wild seems unreal and something I have been told you must see for yourself to truly grasp this life changing experience.

Hot Air Balloon over the bush

Bucket List Hot-Air-Baloon-Ride-Safari

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To experience a safari on ground and then by air is the ultimate way to view these extraordinary creatures. Spotting a heard of giraffes is certainly a top priority.

Sipping on world class wine in the South Africa Winelands

Bucket List mount rochelle winelands

Mont Rochelle Winery South Africa

With just a few days scheduled in the winelands, the goal is to eat and drink as much as possible.

Swimming with the seals

Bucket List south africa

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Okay I know cage swimming with the sharks is a highlight in South Africa, but after reading about how you can swim with schools of 15,000 seals off Duiker Island I was sold.

Visit a Weekend Market in Cape Town

Old Biscuit Mill Market South Africa
I am sucker for outdoor markets. I dont care what country I am in, if I hear about a night market, sunday market, seafood market, local market, whatever, its on the agenda. So you will certainly find us at the weekend market at some point in our journey.

Penguin Beach (Boulders Beach), Cape Town

Bucket List Cape Town

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I know, a huge tourist attraction, but they are penguins and they are on the beach!!

Ride the Blue Train

Bucket List Blue Train

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When I read about the blue train for the first time, I immediately felt a need to experience it. For a honeymoon, what could be better then traveling across a beautiful country like South Africa on a luxury train, enjoying more of that world class wine and taking it all in with the hubby. I think its a splurge worth taking.

Exploring outside of South Africa

Bucket List victoria falls

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There are so many amazing countries that border South Africa and are just a puddle jumper away. Mozambique for the white sand beaches and crystal clear water, Zanzibar for the abundance of seafood that can only be found in waters off the coast, Zambia to visit Victoria Falls, and so much more.

Bucket List zanzibar africa estate
Although we will not be able to tackle them all, checking one off the list on this adventure will certainly be a must.

Eat a local meal with the locals

Bucket List south africa

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Every country we visit, a highlight is always getting invited into a local's home and enjoying a homemade meal with the host. It is a way to really experience the culture, make new friends and eat a meal that is truly unforgettable.

Enjoy every moment

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We are on our honeymoon after all:)

Your Turn....

Are we missing anything on our Bucket List for South Africa?