San Diego is an almost perfect setting for a  wedding or special event.

The weather is ideal year-round, meaning that it is possible to have the stereotypical “June wedding” experience virtually any time of year.

With its miles of beaches and a host of world-class attractions, San Diego is a good choice for a West Coast vacation as well as a destination wedding or corporate retreat.

This area of southernmost California has a full menu of high quality rental estates.

Options range from unique penthouses to luxurious seaside villas to hip events spaces located in the heart of the city.

All these choices make it easy to find the perfect setting for a luxury vacation, a wedding ceremony and reception, or a corporate meeting or retreat.

Here are three standout estates in San Diego that are worth considering for your next special event or wedding ceremony.

Bali Gardens Estate

Bali Gardens Estate, in Rancho Santa Fe, is a huge meeting and event space that defies definition.

Set on 10 garden-filled acres, this estate boasts nearly 15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor event space.

Because it sits on one of the highest points in the San Diego metro, Bali Gardens offers some amazing views of the city and its surroundings.

Since it can host up to 500 people, this is an ideal setting for a wedding or large event.

The expansive grounds and open air areas make for a memorable outdoor wedding experience.

The onsite botanical gardens, patios and fountains bring to mind the landscapes and design of the Indonesian island that inspired the “Bali” part of the Bali Garden Estate's name.

This is also a wonderful estate for spending a few days in absolute luxury.

There are 8 bedrooms, a pool, a wine tasting room, extensive indoor and outdoor amenities and, of course, the lush landscapes and amazing views.

Marina 5 Penthouse

The Marina 5 Penthouse, in San Diego's Little Italy area, offers amazing skyline views and modern, stylish interior and exterior spaces.

With over 5,000 square feet of floor space, this is an ideal spot for a pre-wedding photo shoot or a small ceremony and reception.

The penthouse can accommodate up to 50 people for such events.

The most noticeable feature of Marina 5 is its floor to ceiling windows, which allow visitors to take full advantage of their rooftop location to appreciate the San Diego skyline.

Accessed by private elevator, the penthouse has some other noteworthy traits as well.

An interior courtyard gives the venue an more-spacious feel.

This venue is often used for film or photo shoots, though it regularly plays host to various types of special events as well.

Leight Star Yacht

For most events, a traditional wedding and event estate, with upscale atmosphere, quality catering, and plenty of open space is more than adequate.

However, it is also possible to think outside of the proverbial box and find an amazing event venue in a very unexpected place.

In San Diego, that place is in the water.

The Leight Star Yacht is a 143-foot vessel that calls San Diego home.

The yacht has played host to luxury cruises and parties thrown by local millionaires, famous companies like Virgin, and even celebrities like Louis Vuitton.

The boat has an on-deck jacuzzi and five suites (a master suite and four junior suites).

The interior of the mid-deck areas are decorated with authentic Burmese teakwood, which shows that there is plenty of substance behind the Leight's style.

Along with the jacuzzi, the upper deck has a bar, a sunbathing area, and an observation tower.

The stylish common areas of the ship make it possible to have a luxury cruise ship experience without all the drawbacks that come from setting sail on a commercial cruise line.

A wedding reception or dinner party on the Leight Star Yacht will not only be memorable for the hosts, but for everyone in attendance.

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