Many people visit...Ash Lawn Highlands Private Estate for Rent

Maryland and Virginia to experience

the historic places and classic atmosphere

that the Mid-Atlantic region of the US is famous for.

These states' sense of timeless class and blend of history and

stylishness makes then great destinations for hosting a wedding,

reunion, special event or corporate retreat.

The best estates in this part of the nation boast the same historic qualities as the states themselves.

These venues can provide the classic wedding experiences and also give any special event or meeting a timeless ambiance that will turn the proceedings into something truly memorable.

Here are three amazing Mid-Atlantic Estates that deserve some time in the spotlight.

Kentlands Mansion 

The Kentlands Mansion in Gaithersburg, Maryland  is a classic estate that was built early in the 1900s.

It has been well-kept over the years, so its original ambiance is still preserved today.

This is the exact type of place that many people who dream of an East Coast wedding are in search of.

The brick exterior and extensive lawns and gardens create a classy, romantic atmosphere, while the mahogany paneled rooms, grand staircases and ornate chandeliers bring the same sense of stylishness to the estate's interior rooms.

Vaulted ceilings are found throughout the house, with a mural painted onto the ceiling of the mansion’s “music room.”

Kentlands can accommodate up to 150 guests for special events.

The lawns are well kept and are fringed by flower gardens, providing a memorable setting for outdoor portions of the ceremony and offering some amazing backdrops for wedding or family-reunion photos.

There are six interior rooms (four on the main floor and two on the upper floor), each of which can accommodate smaller groups (for business meetings, conferences or luncheons).

Historic Rosemont Manor

The Historic Rosemont Manor has the pillared design and grand lawns of a typical historic estate in Virginia.

Originally constructed by a prominent Virginian family in 1811, the estate was renovated in an expansive project that took more than a decade to complete.

The Rosemont's Jeffersonian appearance is one of its most noticeable assets, but the choices that the estate offers to both overnight guest and people planning weddings or other special events is what makes it truly great.

Various rooms inside the manor as well as numerous outdoor spaces can be used to help create the ideal setting for either a small intimate reception or a large gathering.

The twelve onsite suites give the Rosemont yet another dimension.

Named for famous historic figures, each suite has unique features and a blend of antique furnishing and modern traits (such as wireless internet).

These rooms make the Rosemont a complete destination that offers a number of different ways for guests, event hosts or vacationers to enjoy Virginia's historic charms.

 Ash Lawn Highland

Ash Lawn Highland is another historic event venue in Virginia.

This estate was once owned by the fifth US president, James Monroe.

It retains its 18th Century ambiance and classic charms, while also offering a variety of venues for wedding ceremonies, large special events, or even smaller business meetings or luncheons.

Ash Lawn's spacious grounds are well manicured and filled with different themed gardens that provide several choices for people in search of an ideal backdrop for their special event.

The large Hilltop Pavilion can accommodate up to 400 guests.

Here,  ceremonies and reception take place in an area that offers great views of the surrounding countryside.

An indoor conference center, which can host up to 60 people, is perfect for business meetings and luncheons and events held during the colder times of year.

Maryland and Virginia offer some great historic estates that can provide the type of classiness and timeless style that many people are seeking out when searching for the perfect venue for their wedding, special event, or other ceremony.

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