Las Olivas

The settings for life’s most important events from family reunions, weddings to major parties provide not just a venue, but also a point of view. These spaces have the ability to sink to the core and affect guests simply by being there. While some seek out modern and sleek venues in chaotic cities, others are going underground for their cherished events, taking their guests away from the commotion of the world and most simply to a place of beauty.

Rancho Santa Fe’s Las Olivas Tuscan Style Venue

In many respects, these wants for the venue of today describe Las Olivas, a Tuscan style estate with expansive grounds for weddings, corporate retreats, parties and luxury travel. The two-acre setting fills with fully landscaped private grounds, manicured flat lawns and an imposingly beautiful estate. While you might not be in the hills of Tuscany, Las Olivas has you wondering if it is some far away Mediterranean escape. In case you need a bit of arm-twisting, here’s the low-down on this Southern California estate and why you might want to consider it for your next event.


 Rancho Santa Fe’s Las Olivas Tuscan Style Venue

In terms of event locations, Las Olivas ideally positions in between Los Angeles and San Diego, making it easy to reach by plane, train or automobile. Just north of San Diego, Las Olivas sets up in Rancho Santa Fe, a peaceful town with deeply historic roots. Within the last two centuries, the town has fallen under the hands of three different governments, Spain, Mexico and the United States. The remnants of its history are perhaps best felt on a walking tour of town, sponsored by the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society. Tours provide an overview of the buildings and architecture that so classically define Rancho Santa Fe.

If you choose to host your event at Las Olivas, Rancho Santa Fe will appeal to wedding guests or employees for corporate retreats and parties due to its natural surroundings. The town wedges in between the mountains and the sea. Outdoorsy types can appreciate coastal trails for sunset hikes or dips in the nearby Pacific.

Style and Tone

 Rancho Santa Fe’s Las Olivas Tuscan Style Venue

When you are searching for the perfect venue for your event, number one on the list of must-haves is often the right style to go with your occasion. Las Olivas’ style is very defined but also quite universal for a variety of events. The home itself is Tuscan in appearance. The interior covers in warm wooden beams and splashes of golden hues. Amidst all of the wooden walls and ceilings, you might have to pinch yourself that you are in California and not some villa in Tuscany. Couples hosting their weddings at Las Olivas can embrace the setting for their wedding theme. Las Olivas works well for old world and romantic themed weddings and events. Also, due to the décor of Las Olivas, it effortlessly blends with the popular rustic elegance wedding theme.

The exterior of Las Olivas is decidedly Mediterranean in architecture with its tiled roof and rich stonework. The grounds also lend a very tranquil and peaceful tone with a pool with three cascading waterfalls and imposing palm trees to host your events under. As Rancho Santa Fe is away from the bigger cities, it provides that private and exclusive feel for any type of event.

Rancho Santa Fe’s Las Olivas Tuscan Style Venue


Due to Las Olivas classic look and feel, the venue works well for a variety of events, especially if you want a timeless feel. Every inch of the property can be customized to work for your event. Las Olivas appeals to couples for their weddings for a number of reasons. The venue provides the ability to keep your wedding events in the great outdoors, but away from prying eyes. You can host a poolside cocktail hour before your ceremony or dance the night away on the terrace. In addition, couples and photographers will appreciate the surroundings of Las Olivas. There are plenty of green nooks to escape to for truly breathtaking wedding photographs. Las Olivas makes it easy for couples that don’t really welcome the task of dressing up a plain, rented hall as the estate is already grand, beautiful and elegant on its own.

 Rancho Santa Fe’s Las Olivas Tuscan Style Venue

In addition to weddings, Las Olivas also works for those corporate events such as a retreat or a holiday party. For the holidays, Las Olivas can be turned into a magical green space with the proper lighting for your event. Light bounces off the pool, making for a nice place to gather the whole office to celebrate the season. At the same time, the rich detailing of the estate itself can work for indoor events. Las Olivas has ample space for those conferences and meetings but also provides that necessary beauty. It shouldn’t all be about working at a corporate retreat. The focus should also be relaxing, leaving Las Olivas quite fitting for a corporate retreat as well.

 Rancho Santa Fe’s Las Olivas Tuscan Style Venue

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