Spring Wedding Inspiration: Vintage Hudson Valley

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We can't help but be inspired by springtime in the Hudson Valley. After a long winter, the first flower to bloom brings romance, excitement, and the start of wedding season! If you're in need of some inspiration for your springtime wedding, just take a tip from the effortless beauty of the Hudson Valley. The Riverbank Historic Estate with rolling green lawns and beautiful brickwork makes the perfect backdrop for a vintage spring wedding.

The Color Scheme

Vintage style and spring are two things that go hand in hand. Pastel hues, parasols, and lace compliment both themes perfectly. This season is all about the layered neutrals. Instead of going for the typical Easter pallet, opt for peach, cream, and champagne. (Also the best colors for a vintage pallet!) You can make these colors pop with a spritz of gold or even contrast them with an all white table cloth.

If you're just dying for some gorgeous hanging light fixtures like in the picture above, a tent would be perfect for you. Tented weddings are a great way to create an intimate and romantic mood, plus the white contrast will add to your vintage-spring feel!

The Riverbank Historic Estate offers the perfect yard for a tented wedding. A manicured lawn sitting right on the water makes a great place for your springtime affair.

Vintage Wedding Ideas

Adding Bits of "Vintage" 

We were inspired for a vintage affair at the Riverbank Historic because, you guessed it, it's historic! But how do you make bits of that rich history come to life for your wedding? Parasols are beautiful tokens of the past that represent springtime and the simple pleasure of strolling through manicured lawns. The Riverbank Historic Estate certainly has the luxurious old-time lawns you're looking for!

Wedding Ideas: Vintage

Vintage Wedding Dresses

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Flower arrangements can also add some great vintage notes and of course, are just right for spring. Although this flower may not be the flower of the year, I have to advocate for Baby's Breath. When done right, this flower can look elegant, fresh, and evoke a vintage feel.

Vintage Wedding Decor

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The estate's own facade also allows for a vintage backdrop. The brick exterior and New England style lends itself well to photo shoots.

Vintage Wedding Venues

Nothing can beat springtime in the Hudson Valley, especially when you have a stunning estate with which to enjoy it. We've been inspired by the Historic Riverbank estate, have you?

You turn...

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