Student Travel Gear Guide: Must-Have Items For Studying Abroad

With another school year in full swing, our minds are on of all of the Venuelusting students out there. Having the right travel gear when you head out on an international trip is absolutely key—and it’s even more important when you’re a student. Today, then, we wanted to break down our favorite student travel gear items for those studying abroad. Get ready to read, write and explore in serious style, pupils—we’ve got quite the roundup for you today.

1. Saddleback Leather Front Pocket Backpack

Student Travel Gear Saddleback Backpack

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We had to start our student travel gear guide with our all-time favorite backpack: Saddleback’s Leather Front Pocket Backpack. Made by Texas-based Saddleback Leather, the body of this backpack is constructed entirely from just two pieces of leather—meaning there are fewer seams than in a normal backpack, making it one of the strongest bags of its kind on the market. Plus, the bag comes standard with Saddleback’s 100-year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about it ripping, losing shape or breaking down overseas.

With four exterior D-Rings (for clipping on tripods, water bottles and other gear) and three super-roomy exterior pockets, this bag is perfect for students who want to leave nothing behind as they set out to explore a new country and culture. We especially love this bag for those who are studying photography, as it’s super well suited for organizing camera gear and lenses.

2. Collapsible Water Bottle

student travel gear collapsible water bottle

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Studying abroad often involves staying in tight quarters and having very little space to yourself, so we love the idea of compact, collapsible anything—but we are especially enamored with this super-smart collapsible water bottle from Uncommon Goods. BPA-free, odor-free and dishwasher safe, we really love the idea that you can pack this away right into a jacket pocket or backpack zipper pouch, and then expand it when you get to your destination. This space-saving innovation is priced at a mere $19.95, making it an absolute student travel gear must-have.

3. Carry-On/Check-In Luggage Set

student travel gear luggage set

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Our list wouldn’t be complete without at least one great luggage set, and this Carry-On/Check-In Luggage Set happens to be our top pick. Flight 001 went back to basics for this one, fusing a fuss-free 60’s-inspired design with modern functionality. We love that this super-chic set includes both a carry-on and a check-in bag, the ultimate combination for students who are planning on spending months away from the comfort of their campus dorm. Each of the two pieces are complete with four spinner wheels, three-stage trolley handles and a 360-degree reinforcement strap for all of those over packers out there. Our favorite part, though? That dreamy Spain-inspired sangria hue.

4. Portable Charger & Light

student travel gear portable charger and light

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Next up on our list of must-have student travel gear is this super-handy portable charger and light (available via Uncommon Goods). Safety is always paramount when travelling abroad—and we love that this simple two-in-one piece can act as both a light and a wireless phone charger for those moments when you need that last-minute battery boost. With over 52 hours of light available off of one USB charge (and three different lighting modes), Venuelusters abroad can use this as a headlamp, lantern or bike light to help the light the way as they explore their new home abroad.

5. Saddleback Leather Gear Bag

student travel gear saddleback leather travel bag

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For students who want to carry their laptop, books and notepads in serious style, we love Saddleback’s Leather Gear Bag. Made from rugged, water-resistant 24-oz. waxed canvas from Scotland (yes, Scotland!) this is one of those bags you’ll carry for decades, but we love the idea of breaking it in on your first studying abroad trip. With a removable internal laptop divider, two exterior pockets and four interior pockets, this one has plenty of space for all of those student-essentials you’ll carry with you. We especially love that the canvas strap can be resituated to carry the bag as a backpack—so you don’t have to worry about carrying all of that book weight on one shoulder.

6. Flight 001 Go Clean Set

student travel gear flight001 go clean bags

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One of our all-time favorite travel gear companies, Flight 001 is known for its super-smart, highly-functional designs—and this set of “Go Clean” travel bags certainly earns them plenty of Venuelust points. Keeping things in order is key when travelling abroad—especially for students who are planning on travelling from city to city once they reach their destination country. We love, then, that these bags help you compartmentalize dirty clothes, shoes and miscellaneous items—keeping odors at bay and ensuring your clean threads stay that way. With a large, easy-to-read labeling system, this set is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to keeping your luggage organized and forever fresh as you study abroad.

7. Hellolulu Sutton Backpack

hellolulu sutton backpack

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For the study abroad student who wants a modern take on a classic backpack, we’re all about Hellolulu’s Sutton Backpack. Sturdy, practical and full of strategically placed compartments, the Sutton is a perfect everyday bag for students rushing from class to class. We especially love the quick-access zipper pouch that sits pretty on top of the bag, making for the perfect place to store frequently-used items, like phone chargers, pens, and small snacks. Our favorite thing about the Sutton, though? It comes in a number of eye-catching colors, so you’ll never lose sight of your gear.

8. Skyroam Pay-By-Day WiFi Hotspot

Skyroam Personal WiFI Hotspot

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If there’s anything students need more than constant access to WiFi, we have yet to find out what that is. So, Number 8 on our list of our favorite student travel gear gives them just that. The Skyroam portable WiFi Hotspot is our favorite WiFi hotspot option for students, as it’s free of any contracts, roaming charges and SIM changes. Simply turn on the device, activate the service and connect any mobile devices to your Skyroam network. We especially love the simple payment structure. Students simply pay as they go in 24-hour increments by purchasing $8 “Day Passes” from Skyroam. Our favorite part? The first three days of WiFi use are free.

9. Universal Travel Adapter

Travel Adaptor

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We featured this item before on our list of must-have compact travel accessories, and we’re bringing it back around on our student travel gear list for good reason. The smallest, most compact adaptor option on the market, this 4-in-1 adapter works in over 150 countries—ensuring students abroad can do everything from charging their laptop to blow-drying their hair, no matter where they’re studying. Worth mentioning? The adaptor design utilizes the new JA/C country color coding system, so your student can quickly reference which adaptor to use where.

10. Cordito Cord Wrap Set

travel cord wrap set

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If you’re a student studying abroad, chances are you have countless cords on you at any given time. From headphones to phone chargers to USB cables, they can quickly become a tangled, techy mess if you’re not careful. Number 10 on our student travel gear list, then, takes care of that pesky problem for pupils travelling internationally. The Cordito Cord Wrap is the perfect solution for keeping your cords tangle-free, organized and easy-to-access all at once. The set holds three cords at a time, and comes complete with a snap-pouch for plugs.

Overall, studying abroad can be one of the best times in a student’s life—especially if they’ve got the right gear on board to help them stay organized, on track and—most importanly—in style.

Your Turn…

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