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Summer is just around the corner and if you live in Southern California, it feels like it has already arrived - definitely not complaining about that and my jump start on my tan!

Having been to sooooooo many weddings, especially summer ones, I have a list of things I look forward to and hope to maybe add to your wedding favors and/or decor!

First, we start with the magical and mood setting twinkle lights! I fell in love with these lights while living in Nashville.  They were in every backyard and just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I love when these shiny object are added to the reception and dance floor.

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Speaking of dance floor, how many of us ladies always wear heels to a wedding?  Let’s be honest, after a night of celebration and dancing, our feet are killing us and it will be flats and flip flops for the next few days. Well, as a wedding favor…why don’t you provide the flip flops for your guests.  You can even personalize them as keepsakes for all those you love.


Also, while everyone is working up a sweat showing off their latest dance moves, help cool everyone down with some fans!  I love this concept or not only beating the summer heat, but it can be used as the wedding program or even a prop for the photoshoot that is sure to be entertaining at the reception.


Again, while summer is one of the most magical times to get married (especially if you live in an area of the country where the lightning bugs will come out and play), help keep your guests happy and you not misunderstanding their squinting looks while you are saying your “I Do’s” by having sunglasses available as they enter in.  Another fabulous wedding favor that your guests can enjoy all year long!


Last, but certainly not least, time to bust out those sparklers you’ve been waiting to light!  I love not only sending off my newly married friends in the glow, but have fun with pictures and spelling words out (admittedly, one of my favorite things to attempt until we get it right).


There you have it my friends, a little summer wedding magic must-haves that will enhance what you already have on your checklist! Happy Wedding Wednesday!