6 Summer Wedding Mistakes To Avoid

It was just a month ago that I was walking down the aisle, saying I do and celebrating my wedding amongst friends and family. In just four weeks time, now we find ourselves in the midst of fall, with summer somewhat of a distant memory.

The season in which you get married can dictate a great deal of your wedding elements. From the flowers to the style of the dress you choose, if you are planning a summer wedding for next year, chances are you are already in the throws of planning it.

Being newly married and looking back on my summer wedding day, there are a few things that could have gone smoother. For every wedding there will be those “I should haves” or “I wish we planned for” statements.

Before you get lost in fall, winter and spring conditions as you plan your summer wedding, be sure to make plans for a few common mistakes to ensure your summer affair goes off without a rain cloud over the whole event.

Here are a few of the mistakes that I made with my summer wedding that you can easily avoid...

No Back Up Plan For Bad Weather

Summer Wedding Tips: Have a Back Up Plan For Bad Weather

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Many of my wedding events were held outside. Colorado can have unpredictable weather with plenty of summer thunderstorms to add a few lightening bolts to make summer weddings a little more interesting. With my rehearsal dinner and my wedding dinner held outside, I realized after perfect weather both days just how lucky I was. The weeks before and after my wedding were not so perfect. I could have easily had a summer wedding soaker on my hands.

If you are planning a summer wedding with outdoor events, you need a back up plan for the weather. While I was blissfully lucky, the weather could have rained on my parade. Looking back, we really had no backup plan if it did rain. While you could be lucky too as I was on my summer wedding day, be sure to think about what measures you can take if the weather doesn’t go your way.


Too Long of a Cocktail Hour and Reception

Summer Wedding Tips: Don't have too Long of a Cocktail Hour and Reception

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For my summer wedding, I had a long cocktail hour so that we wouldn’t be eating dinner at 4:00PM since the ceremony began at 2:30PM. Once the cocktail hour and the dinner were over, the reception was just kicking off with more drinks and dancing. As summer weddings can be balmy affairs, too much alcohol can be a bad thing. With overheated guests imbibing for a lengthy amount of time, some of those drinks went straight to guests’ heads.

While the whole point of a wedding is to enjoy being with friends and family, you don’t want to overdo it in the summer. If I could go back and plan my wedding again, I would have shortened the cocktail hour and probably taken an hour off of the reception time. This would have avoided some guests going beyond their limits and partaking in the open bar a little too much in the summer heat.

Cakes That Can’t Take The Heat

Summer Wedding Tips: Your Cake Won't Take The Heat Well

Photo from Logan Brumm

When I ordered my wedding cake, my baker was quick to make certain that I didn’t have the cake outside for viewing. I knew that this would be a summer wedding mistake so I ensured that the cake would be displayed inside. Little did I know, my wedding cake couldn’t take the heat anyway with the frosting sliding off of the cake soon after it arrived to the reception site. My venue’s pastry chef had to patch up the cake since the frosting was heading south.

While there was little that I could do to avoid this mistake, I could have asked more questions of my baker in terms of how they would get the cake to the reception in tact and keep it that way. You might make arrangements to have your cake placed indoors but you also need to make certain that in-transit, your cake will be cool for a summer wedding. Also certain types of frosting might fare better in the heat such as fondant instead of a whippy buttercream. You need to ask your baker what will work best in the summer months.

Floral Arrangements Baking Outside

Summer Wedding Tips: Floral Arrangements Will Wilt in the Sun

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For my ceremony in a church, I had originally planned on having some floral arrangements outside of the church to make the event look all the more special. My florist was quick to talk me out of arrangements and told me to go with potted plants instead that would be more durable in the heat. Looking back on the day, even the potted plants didn’t really survive outdoors and I’m not sure how much they were noticed in the long run.

Florists can talk you into arrangements that will work in the heat merely to make that extra few hundred dollars. However, flowers are flowers in the end. If they are baking in the heat, they will most likely wilt. If I could pass on a tip to future summer wedding brides it would be to scale back any sort of floral arrangements you might have sitting outside. It is best to spend your money on arrangements for indoor wedding events or those that will be put out just for dinner or a short period of time.

Selecting a Heavy Dress

Summer Wedding Tips: Don't Select too Heavy of a Dress

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While my dress was not overly heavy and hot, you don’t always realize just how warm a wedding dress can be until you have it on for the big day. Whenever I tried on my dress prior to the wedding it was always in an air-conditioned bridal salon. I really had no idea just how hot my dress could be until the day of my wedding.

For summer wedding brides, as you select your dress in the dead of winter when there might be snow on the ground and a chill in the air, keep in mind just how different the weather will be for your day. Overly heavy dresses will cause you to overheat and even annoy you on your wedding day. It is also a good idea to try on your dress on a warmer day to see just how it will feel or what provisions you might need to take to stay cool.


Scheduling Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Too Early

Summer Wedding Tips: Don't Schedule your Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Too Early

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If you hire a hair stylist and makeup artist that you trust with time, you shouldn’t have to begin your wedding day hair and makeup too early. If you start too early for a summer wedding, your hair might fall out sooner than you want and your makeup, like the cake frosting, might start to slide earlier than you imagined.

My hair stylist and makeup artist did a phenomenal job, but I did have her begin my wedding party’s hair and makeup a little earlier than I needed. While you want to have enough time for the bridal beauty routine, too much time can lead to fallen curls and no makeup by the cake cutting for a summer wedding.

Your Turn…

Have you had a summer wedding with a few mistakes you would like to pass on? Share your summer wedding blunders with us in the comments below...