Summer Wedding: 7 Must Have Décor Elements for a Nautical Wedding

Summer weddings have a tendency to mesh together. How you tell one from the next is often easier said than done. If you worry that your summer wedding might blur with another’s summer wedding, you need to hone in on a singular theme or element that will go with a balmier season.

A perfect theme for a summer wedding or even a beach affair is a nautical wedding. Whether your wedding is taking place near the ocean, on a beach, perched beside a lighthouse or somewhere aquatic, a nautical inspired summer wedding will help your wedding stand a part in the sea of summer weddings.

In order to carry out a nautical wedding, you must embrace the ocean and all of the details that go with it. If you are dreaming of a Cape Cod or Hampton inspired wedding, you will need your décor to say “Ahoy” for you.

Here are 7 easy elements that will have your wedding in shipshape...

Put A Rope Around It

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To carry out a nautical summer wedding theme, you don’t need to spend obscene amounts of money on your décor. Rather it is the simple touches that will make your wedding more nautical in tone. One of the easiest ways to go nautical is by adding rope accents across the table.

You can wrap rope around plain candles to give that nautical look. You can use rope for your table numbers wrapped around picture frames to also extend the out to sea theme. Ropes can also be added to tie up napkins for guests or even programs for the ceremony. They make for an inexpensive way to add nautical elements to those plain wedding items.

Let Lifesavers Be Wedding Savers

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Lifesavers can be nautical wedding décor savers. If your summer wedding is falling flat and you need themed touches, lifesavers live up to the task. You can place them on the backs of chairs denoting the bride and groom. They also work well on the getaway car for the bride and groom with a sign added saying, “Just married.” If your summer wedding is on the beach, lifesavers can add more dimension to the beach scene.

Beach weddings often feature stakes in the ground to denote the wedding’s set space. You can adorn these poles with lifesavers for a more nautical look. If your summer wedding is indoors, you can still use lifesavers for décor accents around the space. You can place centerpieces in the middle of a lifesaver for a more nautical table piece. Lifesavers also work well on the escort card table as an accent or even hung on the doors of the reception site.

Keep Your Colors Oceanic

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Most nautical weddings don’t feature hot pink as one of the wedding colors. If you are trying to have a summer wedding with a nautical theme, your colors need to be in the oceanic family in order for everything to work together, rather than against each other.

Blues, sea-foams and whites will blend in with the anchors, boats and rope touches you have added to your wedding. When you select a color for any element to your wedding, you must always have the ocean in mind. Every decision should consider what color will compliment the waters you are trying to bring to your wedding venue.

Add Pattern With Stripes

Nautical Wedding Colors

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In terms of patterns, nothing is more nautical than a clean stripe. If your wedding is lacking in visual interest, you can always add a stripe to extend the nautical theme. Striped ribbons works well on boutonnieres. You can add a stripe to your table runner if your table is a little lacking in color and design. Even the wedding cake can feature stripe detailing to help set your wedding a part from the other summer weddings covering the calendar for your guests.

Throw An Anchor Into The Mix

Wedding Decor Elements for a Nautical Theme

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From your save the dates to the ring bearer pillow, anchors can also help achieve a nautical summer wedding theme. While more obviously nautical than other elements to a sea themed wedding, you can use the anchor symbol subtly for a classic yet unique element.

As you might use horseshoes for a barn wedding for escort cards, you can use mini-anchors instead. Anchors can also add visual interest on tables that you want guests to see from the guest book table to the favor display.

Go Boating

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Along the same lines as an anchor, boats and oars scream the nautical tone. However, when used subtly for a summer wedding, they can truly complete the look of the wedding. You can use a decorative boat to place the escort cards in for guests to see without a doubt. Toy sailboats work well as table numbers if you have the space for them. Oars can also be used for signage, especially if you are having a beach wedding in the summer. They can point guests in the direction of the wedding events and still be in your nautical theme.

Weather The Wedding

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If you are worried that your summer wedding has become too theme-oriented, you can always scale back the obvious nautical elements with more weathered, sea swept features instead. Any signage that you are using for your wedding, from pointing out the wedding events to Mr. and Mrs. signs, you can seek a weathered look in whatever material you want to use. Weathered elements help make a summer wedding less themed yet still cohesive and different from other June to September weddings.

Have you had a nautical themed summer wedding or are you planning one?

Share your nautical wedding décor ideas and/or questions with us in the comments below...