Unique Wedding Hairstyles

On your wedding day you should sparkle from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes.

After endless imagining (and attempting to try out yourself) of endless hairstyles, an accessory for your hair is the essential cherry on top.

This is your chance to go all out on your hair and try out styles you never thought before, so go ahead and have some fun!

Here are our ideas for no-fail wedding hair adornments that you won't have to worry your pretty little head over! *wink

1. Fresh Flowers

Wedding Hair Style Ideas

An enduring favorite, fresh flowers in hair are so gorgeous.

Flowers can be delicately woven into hair whether up in a bun, down with loose waves, or artistically braided.

Have your bridesmaids complement your look by adding fresh flowers into their own hairstyles as well in a smaller quantity, such as single complementing flowers tucked behind their ears.

The natural beauty of real flowers add lovely splashes of color that are 100% natural.

Really, why wouldn't any bride want more flowers in their wedding?

They are so youthful and fun!

Wedding Updos

2. Fabric Flowers

Wedding Hair Accessories

An alternative to real flowers, silk or fabric flowers give ample chance to reuse hair accessories and have the hair piece on hand ahead of time.

Another advantage to having fabric flowers is a lot less to worry about in terms of delicacy.

Plus, there are so many on the market, chances are you have a good chance of finding some you like.

There's opportunity to customize your own or to purchase hand-crafted or hand-painted pieces.

Caution, fake flowers can look tacky when not chosen carefully, so make sure to look very closely when shopping for the perfect hairpiece.

You want your flowers to look beautiful from afar as well as up close.

3. Diamonds, Crystals or Rhinestones

Wedding Hair Trends

Photo via bohoweddings

Aside from the beautiful jewelry you will be wearing, your hair is the perfect stage to add extra glimmer with diamond, crystal or rhinestone accessories.

Perfect for both indoor or outdoor weddings, these accessories have no need for Photoshop enhancement- the stones capture and reflect any light with each head turn.

We all know the phrase "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" and it's true!

Glimmering jewels look best when paired with a woman.

Bright eyes, bright diamonds... you will be your friends' and families' own star in sparkling stones.

We love the dazzling headpieces found from Twigs and Honey.

4. Something Blue

Wedding Hairstyle Inspirations

Photo, via Bellafaye's flickr

Here's a fresh approach to finding your something blue, show your blue off where everyone can admire it.

Blue is classic and versatile because almost all shades are appealing.

If you find blue hair accessories, we say go for it!

The color itself has a rich history and symbolic meaning.

Did you know, in ancient Egypt, blue was associated with the sky and with divinity?

People wore blue because they believed it to represent the eye of God and protect them from misfortune (via wiki).

The color blue is almost as traditional as it gets, after white of course.

5. Barrettes and Hair Combs

Wedding Accessories for your Hair

For an accessory that's simple yet elegant, hair combs add just the right amount of character to your wedding hairstyle.

Hair combs work best with hair partly or fully up.

These regal adornments have a family heirloom feel while being minimally chic.

Barettes look best in half-up hairdos.

Like hair combs, they have that classic, effortless touch.

We are fans of the half up style because it keeps strands from bothering your face while still letting your hair flow freely down your back.

Pick a pretty barrette and you're good to go!

Both these accessories are great ideas for rustic or vintage wedding themes.

Etsy is a fantastic place to shop for these!

6. Feathers

Wedding Hair Tips

If you love the idea of feathers in your hair, we bet your wedding theme is as unique as your hair piece choice!

Keep up the whimsical details with ethereal feathers in your hair that represent soft beauty and gentleness.

Like flowers, feathers come in all sorts of shapes and colors.

From peacock to bright yellow, pick your favorite hue.

We guarantee you will stand out with feathers in your hair.

7. Crowns or Head Jewelry

Unique Wedding Hairstyles

Photo by Priscila Valentina Photography

Connect back with your roots with these bohemian options.

Both are lovely face-framers and optimal choices for brides who want to let their hair completely down.

Kate Moss had a famous bridal photoshoot in which most of her bridal party wore floral crowns in an immersive natural setting, see here.

Head jewelry is a trend recently popular in the fashion world, yet has been a global cultural female adornment for centuries.

If you are interested in including ethnic elements or are the artsy type, head jewelry (find some here) or flower crowns would fit your style.

 Your Turn...

What do you think? Do you have a favorite to share? Please do in the comments below...