There was no better way to honor TaylorMade's most cherished employees than with a stunning meal under the Carlsbad sun at the Villa Costa Estate.

TaylorMade's "Heritage Club" employees were treated to culinary decadence while dining poolside and gazing at panoramic ocean views.

Guests were presented a wide array of dining options from Californian inspired meals to authentic Mediterranean dishes. This option-based dining included gluten-free and vegetarian items while catering to all tastes and liking.

The culinary emphasis even had a presence in table decor as grapes dangled from centerpieces and rosemary leaflets coupled charming chevron-striped napkins.  

The charm of rustic Italia was created by overhead market lighting, al fresco food displays, hanging candles, and a beautiful use of roses.

Hanging lights and poolside candles helped transition the event seamlessly from day to night. Under the glow of market lighting and the air of celebration, co-workers chatted over dessert and refreshments while looking over Carlsbad's night lights.

The Villa Costa Estate was the perfect venue for this corporate event because of its intimacy and charm, which brought together colleagues and showed kind thanks for all their hard work and loyalty to the company.

This event shows the benefits of choosing a luxurious venue for corporate events such as award ceremonies, retreats, team building activities, and even holiday parties. Colleagues are able to get out of the office and celebrate their successes in a beautiful environment with great food and decor.

After this event, TaylorMade's "Heritage Club" employees are ready for another 15 years!

Venue:| Costa Villa Estate, Estate Weddings & Events | Coordination: Taryn Walker, Estate Weddings & Events |