Botanical Elements By Velvetleaf Studio

Photo Credit: Rad In Love

We all love the bouquet laden with lavish gigantic blooms of peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, and sweetpeas, ruffled, lacy and romantic. It is a classic choice for brides and what's not to love about something so elegant and timeless? I have made plenty of these bouquets for my brides such that foliage and other botanical elements are often secondary thoughts and fillers; but as a designer I have come to appreciate the visual impact these secondary elements can bring to a design. I love pairing unexpected textures with the classic soft blooms, the clean edge of a succulent against the ruffled edges of a peony, or the feathery gold of the pampas to juxtapose the perfect symmetry of a dahlia.

Botanical Elements By Velvetleaf Studio

Adding a textural flair updates an otherwise classic look. Not only does it add visual interest, it can also highlight the delicacy of the prima bella blooms. In addition, it can be used to enchance the overall ambience or theme of your design for the ocassion. Like all flowers that have a language and meaning of their own, these botantical elements that I have chosen also have an ascribed feeling we generally associate them with, an unspoken language, that when paired with the classics can maximize the visual appeal of your event.

The following botanical elements, a staple in my design, chosen for their versatility are some of my favorites. Ferns, ornamental grasses especially pampas, succulents and tillansias (air plants), and fruit branches.


Lacerated, intricate, lacy, ruffled, ferns come in a variety of shapes and shades. From chartruese, dense green to darken plum, these shade plants are wonderful companions for designs that call for a woodland, botanical or lush meadows themes. When used for its underside with the spores cases showing it adds wonderful textural appeal to arrangements. Perfect as curious specimens in apothercary jars.

Botanical Elements By Velvetleaf Studio

Pampas Grass

Wild, informal, bohemian and reminscent of the California coastline, pampas grass casts that ethereal golden glow that is ideal for the outdoor, casual, rustic themed event. Available from summer through fall, these feathery grasses connote a laid back atmosphere with a regional and seasonal flair.

Botanical Elements By Velvetleaf Studio

Photo Credit: This Modern Romance

Succulents and Tillansia

Modern, edgy and chic, succulents and air plants has that contemporary air and sagey green that go well with most color palette. True to their origin, these low maintenance plants suggest a modern or mid century aesthetic that is best for a clean and minimal design. Because of their smooth surfaces, a touch of painted color will give that bohemian look that is just the trend of the moment.

Botanical Elements By Velvetleaf Studio

Fruit Branches

Use of fruit branches suggest abundance and are best for seasonal designs. One of my favorite is komquats, versatile with its plenty dark greens and diminutive fruits with pops of colors, it pairs wonderfully with a range of arrangements.

Botanical Elements By Velvetleaf Studio

Your Turn...

What botanical textures or floral elements do you like to mix or would like to see come together nicely?!