You always have someone around if you need them.

In a few short days, millions of families will gather around the table to give thanks for what they’re grateful for. Some will mention food and shelter, others will mention a new purchase they were able to afford, still others will bring up their beloved pets.

But if you’re married or are soon to be, why don’t you think about giving thanks for marriage?

There are plenty of reasons to be thankful that you’re married to your significant other, and this post will outline only a few of those reasons (because there are definitely way more than just these five!).

This Thanksgiving, you should be grateful for marriage because…

1. You have someone around to share the happy moments in life.

A lot of wonderful things happen in life. You can win awards, reach your goals, accomplish your dreams, and more.

When you’re married, you have someone to share and celebrate these special moments with.

Yes, your friends and family might be glad for you, but it’s not the same as having the intimate and caring praise from your spouse who’s been rooting for your success the entire time.

 You have someone around to share the happy moments in life.

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2. You’ll live longer.

If you want to get past the first half of your life expectancy, your marriage will help you achieve this.

Many studies over the years have shown that being married increases your chance of living to an old age. In fact, a recent study by Science Daily found that people without spouses are twice as likely to die before their middle age.

Having more than 40 years to your name is definitely a reason to be thankful for your marriage!

You’ll live longer.

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3. You always have someone around if you need them.

If you’ve ever had to go through a hard situation without support, you know how frustrating it is to be alone.

But when you’re married, you don’t need to worry about being lonely and struggling through problems. Friends and family can only be there to a certain degree, but a spouse has promised to help you through the bad times.

No matter how independent you are, it’s always a blessing to have a shoulder to cry on and an arm to support you when things get tough.

You always have someone around if you need them.

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4. You’ll be healthier.

Similar to the evidence that you’ll live longer if married is the fact that you’ll be healthier during your lifetime, too.

Married couples in strong, positive, and supportive relationships tend to have better health in the long run and are less likely to develop chronic diseases or illnesses. And despite some exceptions to the rule, married couples also tend to have better mental health and less instances of substance abuse.

Yes, maintaining a marriage is difficult, but the studies show that the more attention and care you give to your significant other, the more likely you’ll thrive physically and mentally.

You’ll be healthier.

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5. You learn more about yourself and grow as a person.

Maybe you always grew up thinking you were a patient person, and it took a lot to get you agitated. But then you notice, a week after you asked your significant other to put discarded clothes in the laundry, that the pieces are still scattered all over the floor. And it makes you very angry.

Sometimes it takes people outside of ourselves to help us learn more about who we are, what our limits are, and how to deal with our flaws.

Spouses more than any other person are just the people for this job. If all problems are handled in a loving manner, both partners can start to understand themselves and become better people because of it.

You learn more about yourself and grow as a person.

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Your Turn…

Marriage offers benefits unlike any other relationship. Recognizing and embracing these positive aspects will help you appreciate your spouse not just during this holiday season, but also for the rest of your years together.

Why are you thankful for marriage this Thanksgiving?