Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici of the Bachelor fame tied the knot in a live televised ceremony

Photo Credit: ABC

On January 26, 2014, reality stars Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici of the Bachelor fame tied the knot in a live televised ceremony. The couple who met on ABC’s 17th season of The Bachelor not only invited living rooms across the country into their wedding ceremony but also they lent future brides and grooms a great deal of inspiration for their own wedding days. Even if you aren’t thinking of inviting a big crowd like Sean and Catherine, here are a few ideas from their big day you might want to borrow for your own.

1. Saving The Dates With a Fun & Whimsical Note

The Bachelor Wedding

Photo Courtesy of ABC

Sean and Catherine made certain their guests would know that their wedding day and this marriage would be something out of the ordinary beginning with their save the dates and invitations. Their save the dates were not your typical fiancées posing in a meadow. Rather they adorned his and hers bear heads. The couple shared a snap of their wit and whimsy on their save the dates, all while riding a bicycle with a basket of roses. Not only did this save the dates appear different than the usual couple’s wedding date announcement, but they also kept the language fun reminding guests, “Reception to follow the ceremony so get ready for major tomfoolery and ballyhoo.” The couple’s wedding invitations also utilized more playful language, reflective of their personality and sense of humor.

Brides and grooms can mirror Sean and Catherine’s fun and whimsical save the date idea by merely straying away from the traditional and expected forms of announcing a wedding date. Rather than overly posed photographs and formal language, Sean and Catherine remind couples through their own save the dates to keep it fun. Your save the dates offer a chance to be more humorous and personal.

2. A Lush Location

Catherine and Sean wed on an expansive lawn at the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara. Set up on the California coast, in between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains, they were able to surround their guests in a truly lush location. The property features plenty of botanical gardens and that dash of Mediterranean flair with Spanish colonial archways and private terraces.

Santa Barbara Wedding Venues

Couples looking to wed in a similar outdoor ceremony will find plenty of choices in Santa Barbara especially. Villa Verano in Santa Barbara embraces its lush location as well, creating a fine backdrop for outdoor wedding ceremonies like Sean and Catherine’s wedding setting. The property is composed of a Mediterranean villa and acres of landscaped gardens. For Sean and Catherine, the location seemed to set the tone for their wedding. Couples looking to mirror this tone must look for lush locations where greenery is abundant, the ocean and mountains are never far and there is that dash of a European villa truly transporting guests to another world for the wedding day.

3. Flowers, Flowers & More Flowers

The Bachelor Wedding: Decor Ideas

Photo by brianna.lehman

For 2014, The Knot announced that flowers were back for weddings and better than ever. The wedding site expert noted that flowers would be even more incorporated into the décor of weddings than they already are. While Sean and Catherine didn’t invite the cameras to their reception, they did offer viewers a peek at their floral arrangements. The look included this popular trend for 2014 with roses trailing over the end of the table to the ground. The couple also featured flowered columns surrounding them on the altar. Draped light fabric connected the columns. Sean and Catherine also used flowers to exit in a grand fashion with a confetti cannon shooting rose petals as they walked down the aisle at the conclusion of the ceremony. Again, the couple added that hint of whimsy with the surprise shower of rose petals.

4. Wedding Décor To Make You Blush

Sean and Catherine complimented the extravagance of the flowers by keeping the colors soft and somewhat muted to their wedding day. Blush colored roses lined the aisle along with simple green vines. Catherine’s bridesmaids also wore pale pink floor length gowns, blending in effortlessly to the overall wedding day picture. Rather than their guests sitting on all of the same chairs, Sean and Catherine mixed and matched, throwing in grand armchairs and love seats in between your traditional wedding ceremony seats. By creating this mix, they made their ceremony feel more like a living room, in essence a gathering with close friends even though the whole world might have been watching from their own living rooms.

5. Traditional & Untraditional Ceremony Elements Find a Happy Marriage

Catherine Giudici's Instagram with Sean Lowe

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Giudici's Instagram

While many elements of the Bachelor wedding were traditional, the couple did incorporate touches that were very untraditional. For example, Catherine walked down the aisle to Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” performed by 2Cellos. At the same time, they selected Sean’s father to officiate the ceremony, keeping the ceremony grounded with family. Their save the dates might have been more untraditional while writing their own vows exuded old-style romance. The couple selected attire that was very customary, with Sean in a classic black tux and Catherine in a lace, trumpet styled Monique Lhuillier gown. At the same time, Catherine’s “grown sexy” wedding theme, an idea of sophistication with an air of sexy, lent elements of the untraditional to offset the classic wedding notes.

Sean and Catherine seemed to balance both roles for their wedding, without the ceremony going too far in either direction. Couples can keep this in mind when planning their own wedding in order to craft that careful balance between a serious event and also a joyous occasion.

Your Turn…

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