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Twtvite is one of the easiest and simplest invite tools ever, and best of all, it's based completely on Twitter so there's no need to manage multiple applications. How does it work? All you have to do is click to create your event, fill out all the necessary details such as date, location, and any ticket info, and your done! Now everyone can see who is attending, RSVP, and spread the word via their network through Twitter in seconds. It might not be the most comprehensive tool for those planning long term events, but you won't find another tool out there that's easier to use.

Online Tools for Event Planners: Twtvite


If you plan on using presentations at your event, slideshare is a must. If you have multiple presentations even better! Slideshare let's you gather all the presenters' presentations in the same place, streamlining your organization. As the world's largest community for sharing presentations, it's no surprise that this tool is used by event planners everywhere. It's not just presentations that you can use Slideshare for either, Slideshare also supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars.

Online Tools for Event Planners: slideshare

Facebook Events

From small company dinners to lavish galas, you can create a Facebook event for just about anything. Before Facebook, getting the word out about your event took a lot of hard work - phoning and emailing invitees, handing out flyers, coordinating RSVPs. These days you can create an event via Facebook with a click of a button, invite everyone you know, then watch as your event spreads virally just from your own personal network of contacts. Promoting your event has never been so easy!

Facebook Events: Online Tools for Event Planners

Google Maps

Want to make sure your attendees don't get lost en route to your event? Enter Google Maps! Apart from the fact that you can create a Google Map that features your venue, and share it everywhere you publicize your event, you can also create custom maps that act as a personalized visual guide of useful places that your guests might want to know about. From the best local hotels to great places to grab a bite to eat, if your event is taking place in an area that many attendees have never been to Google Maps can act as the ideal resource for helping them find their feet.

Google maps: Online Tools for Event Planners


Who needs a PA when you've got producteev! By simplifying your to do lists and allowing you to work more seamlessly, producteev will help you keep up with your daily tasks, set and meet appropriate deadlines, and track your progress. Offering dynamic organizational tools your projects are guaranteed to get done quickly and efficiently, and thanks to their exciting integration services you can access, interact and update from anywhere.

producteev: Online Tools for Event Planners


Want to offer a live stream of your event? Ustream is the tool for you. From small on location shoot to massive multi-camera gigs, Ustream can produce any event, at any scale, anywhere in the world. On top of that, Ustream also offers professional video event management to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Streaming your content for free is a incredible marketing tool so why not get involved? If you need to generate a big buzz around your event then livesteaming could be just the way to do it!

Online Tools for Event Planners: Ustream


Whether you're planning a party, a conference or a concert, amiando is here to help. Their event software and award winning selection of tools will not only help you to promote your events more successfully, they will also save you valuable time and money, leaving you free to throw an event that will blow your guests away! From creating and managing events, to marketing and selling tickets, amiando is one of the leading event management services in the world and is sure not to disappoint.

Online Tools for Event Planners: amiando


Eventbrite is one of the most popular tools in the event planning sector, and for good reason too! Create your event, promote via social media using their free tools, then manage the event entry using their intuitive mobile apps. No matter what events you're planning, be it fundraisers, parties, retreats, conferences or classes, Eventbrite makes your job a breeze. In terms of resources to aid in the planning process, Eventbrite is the number one choice. Whatever you need they've got it covered! The site also offers an awesome affiliate program which lets other people promote your event for you.

Online Tools for Event Planners: Eventbrite

Final thoughts...

Planning events can be mayhem if you don't get a handle on the organizational process early on.

With these powerful online tools you can give your event a kick start to success so all you have to worry about is everything running smoothly on the big day!

What online tools do you utilize when planning events? We'd love to hear from you so please share in the comments below...