July honeymoon ideas

July is a popular month for weddings. Guests usually have free time, so a high number will be able to attend your celebration. Also, there is a good chance that the weather will be ideal (for an outdoor wedding or at least for the pre-marriage photo shoot). But what about the honeymoon? If lots of people get married in July, lots of people will be going on their honeymoons too. Head to a popular couples destination and you may find it over-crowded with vacationing newlyweds. If you want to have a private, romantic and memorable July honeymoon, you need to choose your vacation destination carefully.

Here are some of our favorite places for a July honeymoon. Choose one of these spots and you will virtually be guaranteed a romantic holiday.


Bedroom Monaci delle Terre Nere3

Italy is a favorite honeymoon destination for couples from all over the world. The vineyards, ancient architecture and romantic atmosphere are certainly attractive. However, a July honeymoon in Italy takes a bit of planning, especially if you don't want to end up being crowded out by hundreds of other romance-seekers.

Luxury boutqiue hotel Sicily

The best option for Italy is to start your honeymoon somewhere that is off the beaten tourist path. Sicily is a good choice. The island has all the traits that make Italy an exceptional destination, but it is less crowded and offers a more-authentic experience. One of the most romantic places to stay is right on the slopes of the famous Mount Etna. Monaci delle Terre Nere is a classic vineyard estate with stone walls, wood beams and seemingly endless gardens. Now a boutique hotel, Monaci has uniquely decorated rooms, a wealth of contemporary art and plenty of privacy. Couples can explore the gardens, find a quiet corner to walk hand-in-hand, and the return to their room to watch the Mediterranean sunset from their own private balcony while sipping a glass of local wine.


Honeymoon estate in France

July is the perfect month to travel to Europe. The weather is ideal on the continent. In spots like Southern France, the gardens are in full bloom and the most delicious foods and wines are in season. Small boutique hotels like Maison d’Ulysse are your best option for a romantic honeymoon. This nine-room venue in Provence is a classic. Originally built as a farmhouse in the 17th century, each room is totally unique. Wildflower gardens surround the buildings and the pool.

estate maison d'Ulysse romance

The estate has a Turkish bath, massage services and gourmet meals upon request. The towns of Nimes and Avignon are not far away, so honeymooners can explore this romantic part of France extensively during their stay.


Dunton Hot Springs Colorado resort

In the US, summertime opens the door to different experiences. One of the most overlooked July honeymoon options is to spend your special vacation in a destination that is traditionally popular in the wintertime. Colorado's mountains and valleys are beautiful during the summertime, but most people wait until the snow starts falling to come here. But summer is perfect in Colorado: the infrastructure is in place, the crowds are absent, and there are some very unique vacation estates to choose from.

Dunton Hotsprings Colorado glamping Venue

One of the most interesting honeymoon venues is Dunton Hot Springs. This Colorado resort has a little bit of everything. It has an Old West feel, but plenty of modern comforts. You can enjoy plenty of pampering with massages and soaks in the resort's namesake hot springs. Couples can also take horseback rides and indulge in other outdoor adventure activities. The main reason that Dunton is perfect for honeymoons: privacy. You can rent your own cabin and have the entire place to yourself. Some of these rustic-luxe accommodations are located in remote corners of the property, so you will really feel like you are all alone in the wilderness.


Belmond le Manoir boutique hotel

 England's countryside has some of the most romantic inns and boutique hotels in the world. During the summer, the gardens are in full bloom, the weather is pleasant and delicious local foods are being used in the kitchen. If you like gourmet food (and gardens and luxury and design), the best place to honeymoon in the UK is Belmond Le Manoir. Located in scenic Oxfordshire, this classic estate has been converted into a 32-room inn.

Belmond Le Manoir Oxford England Luxury Venue

The endless lawns and gardens provide a sense of romance, while the food, created by an award-winning chef, is worthy of a Michelin star. You can even take a cooking class while you are here. Each of the 32 rooms is decorated in a different way, so you can choose the theme that you think best fits with the kind of memories you want to make.

Now it's your turn

Did you have a July honeymoon? Where did you go? Or, if you are planning one, where do you want to go? Share your experiences and thoughts with us below...