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One of the biggest drawbacks of planning a vacation: you have to define what type of experience you want to have before you take off.  When it comes to Greece’s famous islands, for example, you choose Ios, Kos or Mykonos if you want to party, and Rhodes or Crete if you want to experience history and enjoy a more family-oriented holiday.  However, there is one Mediterranean destination where you don’t need to give your vacation a definition.

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Zakynthos, the second largest of the Ionian islands, serves up a unique mixture of natural beauty, astonishing history, adventure opportunities, and nightlife.  Often described as offering something that is “in between” all of Greece’s other island options, Zakynthos stands out with its ability to please virtually any traveler who chooses to stay there.

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The northern parts of Zakynthos are extremely rugged, but surprisingly lush.  Here, you can find high sea cliffs, green inland areas, and pristine, almost-inaccessible beaches.  The accommodations in this part of the island provide a remote, natural feel, and views of unmatchable scenery.  Best of all, this part of the island is not at all crowded, so guests get to enjoy a great deal of privacy.  The famous Blue Caves are also located in northwestern Zakynthos.  The turquoise water and steep, white rock formations create a unique visual treat.

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In the southern parts of the islands, meanwhile, you will find a more mainstream beach scene with resorts and plenty of places to party.  There are numerous nightlife options and quality restaurants in the main Zakynthos Town, which sits on the southwestern coast of the island.

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Anywhere you stay on Zykanthos, you can access the historic site at Olympia after only a short ferry ride.  These famous ancient ruins are a popular day trip option.  A more modern sight is the famous Zakynthos shipwreck (featured in many Greek tourism ads).  A smugglers’ ship, it beached on a secluded stretch of sand surrounded by high cliffs in the 1980s.  The wreck is best visited early in the morning, before tour boats bring hundreds of sightseers there.

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If you want to go into the clear, blue, warm waters around Zakynthos, you can snorkel and scuba dive with outfitters located all around the island.  Kayak rental and sailing charters are other options for people who want to see the stunning coastline of Zakynthos up close.

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What truly makes Zakynthos special is its unique luxury vacation villas.  The best example of these accommodations is the Blue Caves Villas, located right above the aforementioned caves.  this secluded, private estate provides the best of everything that Zakynthos has to offer.  The views are stunning at each of the five separate villas that make up this property.  You can easily access a few of the isolated beaches that the northern and western parts of the island are know for, or you can sit on your private terrace and enjoy the views of the blue water, the rugged coastline and the adjacent islands.

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Each of the homes at the Blue Caves Villas is built in the traditional stone style that is seen all around Zakynthos.  Bedrooms features air conditioning, entertainment systems and wi fi, while each villas boasts an expansive terrace with a pool and seating areas that offer panoramic views of the sea and coastline below.  Each of the five villas can accommodate a different amount of guests.  For a destination wedding, corporate retreat or family reunion vacation, multiple villas can be rented.

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