I know, I am not a local but hey, I love food so it was a huge part of our itinerary while in Cape Town and honestly, there is so much we missed out on. But here are a few good eats not to be missed in Cape Town.

The Neighborhoods Market


Every Saturday in the Old bisket mill, local vendors including food, wine, craft beer, apparel, décor and so much more gather from 9:am-2:00pm and offer up all of their goods to the locals. You can listen to local musicians play their tunes while munching on all sorts of goodies. There are too many vendors to try in one day but we had oysters on the half shell, paella, wild mushroom skewers, a combo of salads and lots of wine and beer. For meat eaters, vegans, pescetarians, or any other dietary need there are plenty of options and something to cater to everyone. The best part about it, everything is super cheap. Where in the states can you have a glass of delishes South African wine for less than $3 a glass, eat oysters for less than .50 cents each, and pretty much everything else was $3.00. South Africa also has a decent selection of craft beers and being huge IPA lovers, we have a few local favorites.


Seafood Platter

Cape Town is known for its seafood, especially their crayfish, king klip and prawns. There are so many seafood restaurants and they all are good. Pick one in the VA Waterfront, order a seafood platter and enjoy.


Breakfast –anywhere

Okay this may be silly, but we travel a lot and we loved that everywhere in Africa always included an amazing continental breakfast spread and 80% of the time also included a menu to order off of. No specific item you must try but again, skip the chain hotel, stay at a boutique accommodation and enjoy the breakfast before a long day of site seeing.

Cape Malay

We are huge lovers of Indian food so it was a must we try the Cape Malay. Very similar when It comes to curries but a bit more mild. I have to admit, I love my spicy food so I usually need an added kick but its still delicious.



So as many of you know, we are pescetarians. We do fish, dairy, eggs but no meat. A Brai is a South African BBQ, which locals usually will do on a weekly basis. Lots of meat, sausages, and anything else good on the grill are offered at a traditional Brai. We still enjoyed a traditional Brai with local seafood but its really about hanging out with friends or even new friends and enjoying dinner around a communal table together.

The Scene


Cape Town has a pretty amazing food scene happening right now. Many restaurants we could not even get a reservation for. I mean 5-6 months in advance for a table of two, totally nuts. We did get lucky and managed to snag a table at the Pot Luck Club. Located in the Old Bisket Mill building on the top floor offering panoramic views of Cape Town. The menu includes a variety of small bites and tasting plates and a lengthy list of craft cocktails. The food was inventive, creative and delishes. The Pot Luck Club is a culinary experience for foodies alike.


We want to hear from you, what is your favorite hot spot in Cape Town and what would you suggest for the Cape of Good Eats?