A Guide To Having Your Summer Wedding on a Holiday Weekend

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Once spring arrives, so too do the save the dates and invitations for summer weddings. As any refrigerator filled with save the dates can attest, summer is one of the most popular seasons to marry, if not the most popular. In general, your guests don’t have trouble freeing up a Saturday here and there throughout the summer season to attend your wedding. For some couples, planning a summer wedding also involves navigating a holiday. With Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day all falling in time for the summer wedding season, couples plotting to marry on these popular weekends must be planners. If you aren’t much of a “book in advance” type of pair, you can follow this guide to achieving what some say is impossible, a summer wedding on a holiday weekend.

Don’t Be Late with Save The Dates and Invites

Don’t Be Late with Save The Dates and Invites

In the case of most weddings, besides destination affairs, you can give guests a reasonable amount of notice with save the dates and invitations. However, if you are having your summer wedding on a holiday weekend, guests will need extra notice to prepare for the big day. You don’t want to be the only one at your wedding because all of your guests made holiday weekend plans well before your invitation arrived.

In the case of my Labor Day weekend summer wedding, I mailed my save the dates a little earlier than a standard summer wedding. As soon as we had a date confirmed, the save the dates were mailed. Invitations were mailed shortly thereafter. If you are going to have your wedding on a summer holiday weekend, guests will need plenty of notice to make their holiday plans revolve around your wedding. Flights and hotels will end up costing your guests an arm and a leg if they don’t have advanced notice to beat the holiday rush.

Block Off Hotels Rooms As Soon As Possible

Block Off Hotels Rooms As Soon As Possible

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Holiday weekends in the summer are expensive and busy times to travel. Couples having a summer wedding on a holiday weekend will need to decide on where they want their guests to stay and fast. As hotel rooms book up with travelers merely getting away for the holiday weekend, you will have fewer and fewer options to suggest to your guests. Once you have your dates ironed out, you need to set up agreements with nearby hotels for wedding rates for your guests. If you don’t arrange hotel agreements and block off rooms, your guests could be paying a premium price for the holiday weekend. Couples can do their guests a favor in the budget department by planning well ahead of families and other travelers.

Secure Venues Without Holiday Events

You might be able to lock down a wedding venue for your summer wedding without any problems. However, that venue might be a little preoccupied if it is a holiday weekend. Hotels and country clubs generally have their own holiday chaos to deal with in the process. I got married at a country club, but the event planner was also busy with several other events that same weekend. While this is not impossible to do, you do receive somewhat divided attention when your venue is also juggling the holidays. If you want your wedding venue to merely focus on your big day, look for sites that aren’t hosting other events or a surplus of travelers on that same weekend.

Book The Crucial Vendors Once You Have a Date

Book The Crucial Vendors Once You Have a Date

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When I had my first meeting with my photographer, he said how busy my Labor Day weekend wedding date would be for weddings. He had already received several requests to shoot weddings on my big day. I had the same conversation with florists and venues. Holiday weekends can be busy with wedding vendors. You might end up selecting the florist you didn’t really want merely because everyone else is booked or taking off that weekend. For summer holiday weddings, you need to lock down the crucial vendors that can make or break your big day such as a photographer, florist or the actual wedding site.

Run Last Minute Wedding Errands At Least a Week Before The Wedding

For most couples having a summer wedding, they don’t really have to worry about shops being closed to run their last minute wedding errands. Couples getting married on a holiday weekend in the summer have a different challenge on their hands. Brides can’t schedule their dress pick-ups the day before if stores are closing down for the holiday. In order to avoid any last minute hiccups on with a summer holiday wedding, you have to plan in advance. Those last minute wedding errands can be next to impossible when the whole town is shut down. Rather than take the gamble, all of your wedding necessities and errands should be tied up before everyone else goes on holiday.

Embrace The Holiday

Embrace The Holiday

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For couples either forced to have their wedding on a summer holiday weekend or those who chose the date, it is crucial to embrace the holiday at hand. You can incorporate the summer holiday theme into your wedding day. For example, a summer wedding held over the 4th of July can go patriotic with a nautical twist. On the other hand, couples can throw a swanky shindig with a summer garden theme, a step up from those Labor Day and Memorial Day backyard barbecues. No matter when your summer wedding falls in the season, couples should embrace summer holidays with classic touches whether in the form of their colors, cocktails or theme.

Your Turn…

Summer Wedding Ideas

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While most summer weddings come with their own set of rules, summer weddings falling on holidays in the season are especially tricky to plan. Not only must couples consider their guests and their vacation plans, but they must also deal with busy vendors and venues celebrating much more than just your wedding.

Did you get married on a summer holiday? What advice would you pass along to couples planning to wed when the rest of summer is celebrating holidays? Share your tips with us in the comments below.