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The Hamptons, a collection of hamlets on the easternmost point of Long Island, is a name that is synonymous with exclusivity.  This is where the elites of New York City spend their summers.  Sean Combs, Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Spielberg, and Russell Simmons are all summertime regulars here, and fashion icon Calvin Klein has recently finished constructing a new beachside mansion.

The area is so thick with celebrity traffic that you may even come across the occasional member of the paparazzi or a  "vacationing" gossip columnist. Of course, the luxury estates of the Hamptons are very exclusive and most are located in gated, guarded communities.

The towns that are scattered around this famous vacation spot boast high-end restaurants, wine tasting rooms, and boutiques.  At the same time, though, they provide a kind of quaint atmosphere that has always characterized the history-rich villages that are found all around New York state.

Luxury vacation rentals: The Hamptons

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After you have had your fill of shopping, fine wine, and artfully-plated food made with fresh local ingredients, you can explore the beaches.  Yes, you can easily avoid the summertime crowds if you know where to go.  

Gibson Beach features dunes, soft sands, and a very quiet, relaxed vibe.  Nearby Wainscott Beach sits within eyeshot of some of the mansions belonging to the most famous residents of the Hamptons.

And of course, there are boating opportunities galore.  Summertime visitors can try their hand at sailing or enjoy a leisurely afternoon paddle along the coastline.  Or they can charter a luxury yacht and spend the day relaxing offshore with champagne, sunshine and friends. 

Luxury Sag Harbor Estate Event Rentals

East Hampton's Guild Hall, an impressive performing arts space, provides plenty of culture for vacationers.  This world-class venue hosts dramatic plays, including the works of William Shakespeare.  The calendar is also filled with musicals, operas, and concerts that range from classical music virtuosos to skilled songwriters like Ben Folds.  

The Montauk Music Festival takes place in the late spring, while summer is polo season at the prestigious Bridgehampton Polo Grounds.  In short, you don't just go to the Hamptons to sit in a luxury home and look out at the sea; there are a lot of exciting events taking place during the warmer months of the year.

Luxury Vacation Rentals on Long Island

Yes, this region certainly has an upper-crust image.  But the Hamptons are NOT the exclusive domain of celebrities and the ultra-wealthy.  Some of the most attractive properties in this easternmost part Long Island are available for rent.  

The space, the privacy, and the amenities of these places put the most luxurious Hamptons hotel and the most comfortable bed-and-breakfast to shame.  With suite-like bedrooms and enough room, indoors and outdoors, to comfortably host several guests for the weekend or even a small party for fellow Hamptons summerers, these rental estates allow you to live the good life without having to purchase a multimillion dollar beachfront property in this exclusive East Coast enclave.

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The 6000 square foot Sag Harbor Estate is the perfect example of the kind of welcoming luxury that the Hamptons are so famous for.  Wood floors, manicured lawns, vaulted ceilings, and a fully-furnished outdoor pool area are a few of the many amenities that make this estate a true stand-out.

Multiple indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, a classic gazebo, a tennis court, private beach and deep-water dock are also part of this vast property.  With seven bedrooms, five full bathrooms, two half-bathrooms, and a marble-furnished kitchen area, you will be able to share the luxury experiences with special guests (if you choose to).

Or, since the community where the Sag Harbor Estate is located is completely gated and totally exclusive, you can also choose to simply enjoy complete security and privacy during your stay. 

Luxury vacation ideas Hamptons

We have a number of estates in the New York City area, and also in other elite East Coast locales like Cape Cod and the Hudson Valley.  Or you can use our web site's search page to find a luxury vacation rental elsewhere for your own dose of summertime luxury.

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