The Healthy Honeymoon: 4 Locations For a Healthy and Happy Honeymoon Retreat

Weddings and the build-up to the main event can leave couples in need of serious detoxing on their honeymoon. The stress of wedding planning often leads to feasting on meals that are far from healthy and little time left in the day to exercise. Muscles in the body can tense up, leaving newlyweds searching for a healthier kind of honeymoon than the average resort all-you-can-eat-and-drink getaway.

While honeymoons are intended to help newlyweds relax and unwind, some of those getaways do the opposite for the mind, body and soul. If you and your new spouse are looking to detoxify the body after wedding season, there are a number of honeymoon getaways that not only lend luxury and relaxation but also the health benefits too. From the hills of Tuscany to the lakes of New Zealand, these four healthy honeymoon locales will leave couples rested, relaxed and also healthier post wedded bliss.

Borgo Santo Pietro

Borgo Santo Pietro

Borgo Santo Pietro

Many newlyweds head to Italy, arguably the most romantic country in the world, for their honeymoon. Specifically, Tuscany is frequently crowded with honeymooners for its idyllic scenery, vineyards and history. However, health driven couples looking for a retreat while living la dolce vita might have trouble finding suitable options. Borgo Santo Pietro differs from classic Tuscan honeymoon spots in that it offers a complete wellness experience for newlyweds. Located in Valle Serena, within close reach to Sienna and Florence, the boutique hotel occupies a renovated 13th century villa.

Couples can eat well at Borgo Santo Pietro as all dishes are prepared with locally sourced ingredients. In fact, many of the ingredients are a little more than local, grown right on site by the Borgo Santo Pietro’s own expert gardeners. Couples can choose from two restaurants on site to feast on fresh, locally grown meals.

Borgo Santo Pietro Honeymoon Location

Borgo Santo Pietro Honeymoon Location

In addition to Borgo Santo Pietro’s healthy way of preparing meals, the site also features a spa to help honeymooners care for tired bodies. For centuries, the building holding the site’s spa has been lending wellness treatments. Couples can set up a massage anywhere on the property or take a dive in the freshwater infinity swimming pool.

Encuentro Guadalupe

Encuentro Guadalupe Mexico Honeymoon Destination

Honeymooners are no strangers to selecting wine producing regions for their honeymoon destinations. Even couples who want to have a glass of red with their honeymoon but also detox from their wedding can in Mexico’s Valle De Guadalupe. Around two hours from San Diego, honeymooners can plop down in the country’s main wine producing region.

Glugging back the bottle isn’t the only appeal to honeymooners. Encuentro Guadalupe in Valle De Guadalupe offers couples an ideal venue to have a healthy honeymoon retreat. The site features 20 eco-pods you can rent out and not disturb the environment in the process.

Mexico Honeymoon Destinations: Valle de Guadalupe

On site, you can take advantage of the swimming pool and the many hiking trails in the area to stay fit and active. Encuentro Guadalupe will even arrange for yoga lessons if you want to do a little exercising on your honeymoon. As there is no television and telephone, Encuentro Guadalupe is also good for mental health as you can truly rest and relax away from all of the noise back home. Health conscious honeymooners can select Encuentro Guadalupe due to its beautiful location where you can relax but also feel good in the process.

Rancho La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta Health Retreats

Honeymooners in Baja don’t have to succumb to the not-so-healthy resort options. In Tecate, Mexico, the area surrounds in 3,000 acres of natural landscape. For the past 70 years, the main drawing card for health conscious travelers has been Rancho La Puerta. The getaway sets itself apart from other health retreats in that the focus is completely on one’s health. Rancho La Puerta offers mindfulness training, nutrition classes and even yoga and other exercise courses. Couples can create their own custom health treatments on site with the help of Life-wellness advisors.

Rancho La Puerta Honeymoon Destination

Aside from the built-in health retreat experience, Rancho La Puerta also offers plenty of grounds to explore. Hiking trails in the area assist with clearing the mind and helping the body in the process after wedding chaos. The site consists of a large garden, organic farm, several pools and gyms to use. Honeymooners also don’t have to feel as through they are at a group health retreat with little privacy. Rancho La Puerta boasts individual casitas for private and quiet getaways.

Mexico Honeymoon Destinations: Rancho La Puerta

Aro Ha

Aro Ha Honeymoon Destination

Couples who love hiking and the great outdoors often select New Zealand for their honeymoon destination. Located in the Southern Alps of New Zealand and around 40 minutes from the Queenstown airport, couples can stay active on their honeymoon and also eat well in the process. The Southern Alp area of New Zealand infects with mountain peaks, forests and plenty of hiking trails.

For couples seeking a healthy honeymoon spot in the area, Aro Ha fits the bill. The luxury travel venue focuses in on creating an individualized wellness experience for each guest. The main studio area is host to yoga sessions overlooking Lake Wakatipu. Couples can also hike through the sub-alpine forests in the surrounding area. There are hundreds of miles of trails to explore and help honeymooners get away from the rest of the world.

New Zealand Honeymoon Destination

For meals, Aro Ha prides itself on creating carefully planned meals with an emphasis on organic, locally grown food. Aro Ha designs meals to be as healthy as possible. Couples on their honeymoon can stay in one of the 8 separate suites on site, all with earth-friendly furnishings and linens. The wellness retreat provides couples with a relaxing venue to honeymoon, all while lending a launching point to hike the area and sample food that is truly good for you too.

Honeymoon Destinations: New Zealand

Your Turn… 

Healthy Honeymoon Destinations

More and more couples are taking their honeymoons away from all-you-can-eat resort buffets. Instead, newlyweds are seeking out these types of healthy honeymoons retreats where both brides and grooms can actually detox from their weddings.

Which of these healthy honeymoon retreats would you prefer to visit after the wedding? Share your pick with us in the comments below.