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As the summer begins to wind down, so too do the weddings that fill up June, July and August. With my summer wedding quickly approaching, I am beginning the process of sorting out all of those last minute details.

Most of the major decisions have been made such as photographers, flowers and the ever-important dress. However, there are those details that the summer wedding bride should never forget.

Those details can easily be forgotten in the grand scheme of the wedding, especially when you are down to crunch time. Rather than leaving them literally until the last minute when it is often too late for the summer wedding to survive such a mind lapse, here is a simple summer wedding last minute checklist.

Get out your pen and make sure you check off these summer wedding specific last minute tasks.

Prepare For The Bugs and The Bites

Prepare For The Bugs and The Bites: Candles

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Most summer brides plan their beauty routines well in advance, even thinking about their guests, stocking mouthwash, mints and stain removers in the bathroom of their event. However, chances are you are forgetting a key ingredient for happy and healthy guests. If any of your summer wedding events are outside, you need to think about the bugs that tend to come out in the early evening hours. You don’t want your wedding guests swatting mosquitos during the “I dos.”

In order to prepare for the bugs and the bites that might itch into your wedding day, you should prepare areas where there might be bugs. You can use insect repellent lamps and citronella candles to keep those pesky insects at bay. It is also a good idea to have bug spray on hand for guests to use in case they need it. It is easy to forget this summer wedding detail, but without proper bug preparation, you could have a swarm of angry guests on your hands.

Make Arrangements For Your Flowers

Make Arrangements For Your Flowers

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In the last few weeks leading up to a summer wedding, you will most likely meet with your florist to go over the details of the wedding day, including when your flowers will be dropped off at your wedding location. Before you express indifference on a drop off time, you need to think about caring for these delicate wedding components with the heat. You don’t want you flowers to arrive too soon or they just might wilt.

On your final meeting with the florist, you should ask what provisions they will take to keep your bouquet and the rest of your flowers in shipshape. For example, the flowers should arrive in vases with water if there is a significant time in between the drop off and the actual wedding.

It is also a good idea to request a few flowers to use as back up boutonnieres. Boutonnieres tend to hate the heat and hugs that your groom will no doubt receive. If you have extras, you can always switch out the boutonnieres for a fresher look.

Understand When Your Photographer Will Take Photos and What Groupings

Understand When Your Photographer Will Take Photos and What Groupings

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While for any wedding you need to be mindful of when your photographer will start taking photographs and what groupings he or she need, a summer bride must ask this question to avoid a midday meltdown. The heat and the time of day can put a damper on photographers for summer weddings. If you can, it is best to schedule photographs for nowhere near high noon.

At the same time, your photographer will also need to know what groupings of people you want photographed. For a wedding that I was in recently, the wedding party didn’t quite know when we were needed for those official photographs. We ended up standing out in the heat for far too long waiting to know the plan.

For a summer wedding, you don’t want to be out in the sun longer than you need to be and you especially don’t want your wedding party or relatives dying in the heat either. You need to go over the groupings with your photographer and make all parties aware of when and where you will need them.

Begin Checking The Weather Forecast

Begin Checking The Weather Forecast

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All weddings tend to revolve around the weather. No one wants terrible weather on their wedding day. In the summer, this is a detail that you might forget. Many of us just assume it will be sunny, if not hot. At the same time, the summer is prime thunderstorm time in many parts of the country.

As soon as your wedding date appears in the extended forecast, begin monitoring the weather. Summer weddings are not always sunshine and rainbows in the weather department. While a rain dance probably won’t take that rain out of your forecast, you can plan differently if it seems the weather could be iffy.

If you see a glimmer of rain in the forecast, it is best to start organizing a back up plan in case you are having any outdoor events. From tents to alternative indoor spaces, you will be glad to have these provisions. In the process, they just might be a rain dance after all and you won’t need them. You know the saying, “If you pack an umbrella, you won’t need it.” The same can be said for planning for bad weather.

Don’t Forget About The Cake

Don’t Forget About The Cake: buttercream lace wedding cake

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The cake is not merely special to a summer wedding, but preparing for it to sit and wait until the cake cutting is. While with every wedding you shouldn’t forget about the cake, at a summer wedding it is especially crucial. The cake shouldn’t be sitting out in the sun or in a space without air conditioning. Even if you want the cake cutting outside, don’t plan to have your cake outdoors until you actual want to cut it.

Stock Up On Water

Stock Up On Water: Cool custom water bottles

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Last but certainly not least on your summer wedding checklist, you might just assume that water will be everywhere on your wedding day. It will be easy to hydrate. I learned another lesson at the summer wedding that I was just in a few weeks ago. You should never assume there would be water. As we shuttled from different locations to take photographs in the heat, there was no water to be had. Thirst was quickly becoming a problem.

For your wedding party, at your ceremony and reception sites, you should be sure to have water available and on hand. This is one detail that you might neglect for the wedding day that could make you sick in the summer heat.

It’s Your Turn...

What tasks are on your last minute summer wedding checklist? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.