The Newest Wedding Trends for Fall 2013

As an intern at Estate Weddings and Events, I see a lot of wedding styles, dresses, locations, name it!

After scrolling through countless sites, perusing loads of magazines, and attending some stunning weddings myself, I'm seeing some definite wedding trends emerging for the Fall 2013 season.

The Dress --

Designer Melissa Sweet with the Huffington Post predicts that the Fall wedding dress is going to be all about the short cut and exposed shoe. I'm going to have to agree and disagree. I agree with this prediction because the short dress has definitely made a come back in trendier, younger circles. Plus, exposed shoe is on the rage as it's a way to show off a little personality and amp-up traditions.

Wedding Trends: The Short Dress

Courtesy of Style Me Pretty | Designer: Dolly Couture

Wedding Trends: Exposed Shoes

Shoes by Valentino

However, I also have to kindly disagree with the fabulous Melissa Sweet simply because of all the long and more traditional wedding dresses I've been seeing lately. As predicted earlier, the return to classic elegance is upon us. Brides will most likely stick with the long dress but spruce it up with a trendy neckline or detailed back.

There will be more illusion necklines than fallen leaves this Fall season. And hey, it's for good reason! Illusion necklines are gorgeous, flattering, sophisticated, and still trendy. I say go for it!

Wedding Trends: illusion necklines

Courtesy of | Designer: Badgley Mischka

Decor --

Fall is without a doubt my favorite season. It is the only season that can allow me to be an absolute bookworm and outdoor enthusiast at the same time. Fall co-mingles the outside and inside with its sunny skies, changing foliage, and crisp air. Fall - a cool and sunny hike in the mountains and a deliciously warm couch at the end of the day.

It's no surprise that Fall wedding decor will embrace this beautiful essence. Indoor/outdoor furniture will be a major hit for weddings and events. Bringing sofas and couches outside is fun and cool. One of my favorite wedding designers, Mindy Weiss, even recommends putting rugs outside and creating a Bohemian pseudo-lounge!

Wedding Trends: Outdoor furniture

Courtesy of Southern Wedding Magazine

Wedding Trends: Indoor/Outdoor furniture

Courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

Wedding designers are starting to incorporate garlands in decor and I see this becoming a huge trend once Fall is in full swing. Garlands can be all-flowers or made of paper, and can even be hung from chandeliers or used as table runners. Designers may be holding back on the garlands because of the summer but I anticipate the trend gaining a lot of traction once the cooler months approach and the holiday season draws nearer.

Wedding Trends: garlands

Courtesy of Glamour

Wedding Trends: incorporate garlands in decor

Courtesy of Wedding Day Pin

Your Turn...

If you have any Fall wedding trends you see comin' up, feel free to drop us a comment below. Until then, let's clink our apple cider to Fall weddings and the change of season!