The Perfect Drinks To Bring In The New Year

As we are closing out the Christmas season and quickly shifting to planning and/or solidifying our New Years Eve gatherings and celebrations, we have the perfect drink options for you to bring in the New Year!  A solid mix a glitz and glamor with a bit of bubbly!

Drink #1: Whiskey + Champagne

First up, because I am a gal who enjoys a good whiskey especially after living in The South for a few years, is the Whiskey Champagne Cocktail.  Not only do we show you one option, but we give you four champagne whisky options.  My favorite is the "American Recipe."

The Perfect Drinks to Bring In The New Year

Drink #2: Bourbon + Champagne

Second up is the Clementine Bourbon Spritzer, but instead of using the seltzer we use a solid splash or two of champagne! This citrus beverage will have you refreshed and ready for the 5....4.....3....2.....1  countdown!

The Perfect Drinks to Bring In The New Year

Drink #3: Moonshine + Champagne

Not ashamed to say that while living in Nashville, I also discovered that I like Moonshine.  This Full Moon Champagne Cocktail is made with Blackberry moonshine and all I can say is yum yum yummy!!! Don't forget to add in a few fresh blackberries while you are at it. Details!

The Perfect Drinks to Bring In The New Year

Drink #4: Rock Candy + Champagne

Our last drink is a classic!  It brings an element of childlike glitter into play with the rock candy! This Rock Candy Cocktail is easy and always a crowd pleaser.  Don't be shy to add in some flavored rock candy and colors. The sugar high will keep the dance floor going well into the New Year!

The Perfect Drinks to Bring In The New Year

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR + raising my glass to CHEERS to a new a fabulous year ahead!

Your Turn....

What are some Champagne drinks that you are having at your New Years Eve celebrations?