Oh how I love camping, but I love glamping even more so!  As I get a bit older, I enjoy the vibe and feel of the great outdoors with the splash of luxury, comforts well as some chic decor around me. I mean, glamping is truly the best of both're in a tent or cabin with nice furniture and a nice soft bed so that you don't wake up with a sore back or bruise from a rock you slept on.

Today, I'll share with you some fabulous places around the states that you MUST venture out to and get the full luxury glamping experience...

The Resort At Paws Up

The Resort At Paws Up is absolutely stunning with 37,000 acres of Montana countryside to explore and only 35 minutes from the Missoula airport.


There are glamping tents to choose from or cabins with a variety of setups based on what celebrations, event, getaway or experience you are after. Paws Up has special packages for the honeymooners or romantic getaway as well as for family reunions or a family vacation.

Glamping at Paws up retreat location

The Resort At Paws Up also has a spa onsite which offers an array of massage options and so much more.  Truly a space where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the peaceful scape around you.

The Resort at Paws Up Montana; June 2013; Eagle Cliff Tent at Cliffside Camp


For those seeking more of an adventurous experience, Paws Up has horseback riding options (where you can even join in on the cattle drive), go fly fishing or maybe cruise down the river.

The Ranch At Rock Creek

Another Montana favorite with a different glamping vibe is The Ranch At Rock Creek.  This space has the balance of the "Old West" decor mixed with the luxury of anything and everything you could possibly need.

Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana

The Ranch At Rock Creek also features lodges, private cabins and glamping tents. There is the nine-suite Granite Lodge, 10 private homes all very spread out on the property to ensure privacy and luxury tents that offer private bathrooms, fireplaces and large sitting areas.

Ranch at Rock Creek Cabins

There are so many activities on this 6,600-acre property.  You can wade in the river, go fishing and take a ride across the fields and over the hills on some horses.  There is also a full-service spa as well as world-class restaurant to indulge in.

Ranch at Rock Creek Retreat

The  Ranch At Rock Creek also is wifi friendly for all of you who must stay connected in the great outdoors.

Dunton Hot Springs

Now it's time to head on over to Colorado to Dunton Hot Springs! Although there are no glamping tents here, each cabin is

very unique to itself which has people coming back yearly to experience all 12 private cabins.

Dunton Hotsprings Colorado Event Venue Cabin

To give a taste and make you go even deeper into your search of why you need to experience Dunton, here are a few of the cabin names to spur on your intrigue: The Well House Cabin, Tipping Cabin, Potter's House....

Dunton Hotsprings Colorado Corporate retreat

What can you do here?!  Well, not only is the landscape beautiful and something you will want to explore on foot and horseback, but you can also catch trout in the river, soak in the hot springs, enjoy seasonal dishes in the saloon as well as ski or snowboard in the winter.


NOTE: summer and fall rates differ from winter and spring rates.

Your Turn....

Now that we have you dreaming of glamping, where are you dreaming of going? Where are you other favorite glamping experiences?