The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 21

After spending a few days in El Calafate to see the Puerto Moreno Glacier, we rented a car and headed out on the 4-hour journey from El Calafate to Puerto Natales. We were excited for our mini road trip through Patagonia heading from the Glacier region down south to Puerto Natales which is located 45 minutes outside the entrance to Torres Del Pane National Park.

We were advised to avoid using GPS and go old school and follow the map. GPS will take you off on dirt roads where you risk getting a flat tire. We opted for the slightly longer route sticking to highways and avoiding the dirt roads. The drive is very smooth, and not too many other cars on the road. We saw lots of ostriches and guanaco which elevated our excitement that we really were actually driving through Patagonia.

drive from El Calafate to Puetro Natales Chile

We arrived at the border crossing to Chile. We were a little nervous to make sure we entered correctly especially since we would have to re-enter Argentina when we left. The rental car place had given is a bit of advice.

You need 2 stamps to enter, 2 stamps when you depart. There are 2 stops, one to stamp passports and stamp the sheet provided by the rental car company and the other to inspect the vehicle and stamp the sheet again. If we had not been told that valuable information we probably would have driven straight through and been in trouble at some point. Everything was really easy and we were back on our way to Singular Patagonia.

From the border, it was a quick 30-40 minute drive to Puerto Natales. We could see the old meat packing plant from the road and new we had arrived.

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The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 30

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 31

Singular Patagonia was once the most thriving meatpacking location in Patagonia. They managed to maintain the buildings with their industrial style. We pulled up to the lobby which happens to be in an old steel barn with Singular stamped across the side. We entered to see a single desk at the end of the barn with a very modern sleek style. We knew right away we would feel right at home.

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile front desk

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile view

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 32

The front desk took our bags and we hopped in the old vintage industrial elevator which led us down to the main lobby and check-in. We arrived in the late afternoon and had not had lunch yet so we decided to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to our room.

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 5

We walked through the cold brick buildings still full of all the original equipment from the days of when it was meat packing plant. I was in complete furniture and decor envy we opened the doors to the main dining area.

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile bar 7

You immediately feel like you have been set back in time with its library-like feel with its brick walls, cozy leather couches and love seats, steel bars, and industrial lights. Pretty much everything I love about Restoration Hardware, but even better. It's almost like Restoration Hardware designed their furniture after a visit to Singular Patagonia.

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile bar

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 3

We made our way to the dining area and since we arrived between meal service we grabbed a couple seats at the bar for a light late lunch. The lump crab sandwich caught my eye and I was so glad it did. We had not been loving the food in Argentina and we heard wonderful things about the food at The Singular Patagonia so we looking forward to a few days of delicious Chilean cuisine.


After lunch, we headed to our room. Located on the 2nd floor and directly in front of the lake, our view was WOW worthy. Everything about the room was cozy from the luxury bedding to the vintage desk to the industrial lights everything was designed to a T. The bathroom was perfection with a large soaking tub, rain shower, and beautiful sink and some fabulous bathroom amenities.

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 18

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. bedroom

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. bathroom

We got settled in but wanted to take advantage of the spa and pool so we threw on our Singular bathrobe and headed down to the pool. We headed down the long halls following the signs to the spa. You almost feel like you are going into an underground tunnel and certainly feel like you are going the wrong way but once we turned the corner with the hall lined with little windows peeking out over the lake, we knew we were almost there.

The Singular Patagonia Chile Spa

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 9

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 25

We entered the pool and spa. The pool is both interior and exterior so you can swim under the glass wall and be outside when the weather permits. The view from the warm bath-like pool is spectacular so it's easy to lost track of time and spend hours in the pool. The sauna and steam room share the same view, both with glass walls so you can enjoy the view. I had never been in a sauna or steam room with a window and thought it was a brilliant feature. We had yet to have a spa treatment over the past 2 weeks in Argentina so we reserved a couple massage's for the following evening.

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 24

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile Spa

After the pool, we headed to the dining area to meet with the Singular excursion team to see what our options were for the next day. Every day between 6-7pm the excursion team is available for you to make arrangements for the next day. Since it was our first day and we had not visited Torres Del Paine yet, we decided to do the full day sightseeing excursion through Torres Del Paine.

The Singular Patagonia offers over 30 excursions to choose from, everything from advanced hiking tours to horseback riding to fishing so whether you stay a few days or a couple of weeks, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied and to experience all that Patagonia has to offer.

For dinner, we headed back down to the restaurant and were seated right away to a lovely table right next to the fireplace. Our server greeted us immediately with the menus and a wine list.  We had quite a bit of Argentinian wine and were excited to sample some Chilean wines. We chose a Cab Franc that came highly recommended by our server and ordered the ceviche appetizer. For dinner, I ordered the seafood with squid ink pasta and Luke ordered the salmon with lentils and grilled vegetables. Our first dinner at Singular was one of the best meals we had during our time in South America.

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. dinner 2

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 12

The next morning we got up bright and early so we had enough time to grab breakfast before our full day excursion to Torres Del Paine which was scheduled to depart at 8:30am. Breakfast was included in our stay which was a full continental buffet and you can also get eggs made to order.

The spread was fantastic full of dried cereals, granola, fresh fruits, fresh pressed juices, nuts, yogurts, pastries, deli meats, cheeses, smoked salmon, and on and on. It was the perfect spread to fuel up before a busy and adventurous day.

After breakfast, we headed up to the lobby where our group was waiting. We had a small group of 6 including us, plus our driver and guide. I am not a fan of large tour groups so we were happy that the Singular does all of their excursions in small groups of 6 rather than a massive tour bus. Singular is about 2 hours from the entrance of Torres Del Paine but it's a nice drive so we did not mind. We made a stop along the way at a little market where you can grab a coffee or a couple souvenirs if you desire.

We made it the park and unfortunately we had some bad weather. It was quite overcast and windy so our guide made some suggestions to switch up the schedule a bit so we would have a better opportunity to see the towers of Torres Del Paine and other scenic views in case they did not come out that day. We drove through the park making stops at lakes, waterfalls, and viewing areas to take photos.

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The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 19

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 20

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 23

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. Torres Del Pane

Even though we were unable to see the towers that day, it was still a great first day at Torres Del Paine. We stopped off at a rest area for lunch which was served inside a small kitchen. As soon as we sat down it began to rain outside so it was great that we had a place indoor for lunch. Singular set up a family style lunch including a variety of salads, meats, cheeses, fruits, tomato soup, and Espanola. By the time we finished our lunch, the rain had stopped and we continued on our journey around Torres Del Paine.

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 10

We arrived back at Singular just before 6:00pm, the perfect time to make it to our 7:00pm massages. We slipped into our robes and headed back to the spa for a quick dip in the pool and sauna before our messages. It was a busy day and this was the perfect ending.

We made it down for dinner a bit late and quite starving so we ordered just about everything on the menu we were still eager to try since it was our last night. The side dishes were all so good so we ordered quite a few along with our fish so we could try everything. We finished off dinner with espresso and dessert and could hardly keep our eyes open, we were so stuffed.

The Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales Chile. 13

The next morning we requested a late check out since we still had a few more days in Puerto Natales, just at another hotel. We felt the 2 days was not enough and just wanted one more day to relax at Singular so took our time enjoying our morning. We worked out in our room, took one last dip in the pool and enjoyed a long leisurely breakfast before it was time to say goodbye.

Singular Patagonia Puerto Natales

Final Thoughts

While the Singular is not located within the park, it should not deter you from staying here. We highly recommend staying at Singular for a few days and then stay within the park for a few days. It's a long journey to Puerto Natales and an even longer journey to Torres Del Paine so making Singular your first or last stop is a wonderful option to relax, enjoy the luxury amenities the hotel has to offer and savor the delicious cuisine.

The Singular is ideal for honeymooners, romantic getaways, and small group travel.

Two days certainly was not enough and we would highly recommend a minimum of 4 nights to truly experience all that The Singular Patagonia has to offer.

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