The Top 5 Objections to Winter Weddings (& Why They're All Crap) by Estate Weddings and EventsThere are unique challenges that come with winter, which is why it's the rarest time of the year to have a wedding.

But what if you're one of those couples, the one that wants to take a risk and be different with winter nuptials?

Kudos to you for breaking the mold! However, be prepared for lots of objections from friends and family. Yep, you're going to get both very loud opinions and under-the-breath grumblings about your winter wedding.

But to make things easier on you, we've pinpointed the top five complaints you'll receive from guests in the next few months and given you some firepower to explain why they're all crap.

1. "Your wedding is too close to Christmas/New Year's/Valentine's Day."

This is the biggest winter wedding objection that many of your guests will have. What this really means is "I don't want to give up my holiday or traditions for your wedding."

That's a fair objection. When your guests have done something nearly the same year after year, asking them to break that norm is asking a lot.

But your wedding is also just one day out of the year, and will (hopefully!) only happen once in a lifetime. Those guests who consistently object to your wedding date because it's just going to interfere with their plans? They're selfish.

You can easily deal with this objection by making sure that all your closest friends and family can make it to your wedding. Feel free to be sad about those who can't make it, because that's bound to happen at any wedding, but don't waste time shedding a tear over  the guests who continue to give you grief about the wedding date. Stress the day's importance to you, tell them you hope they can make it anyway, and move on.

Besides, there are lots of fantastic winter wedding themes you can go with for the holidays! Honestly, what's more fitting than a celebration of love and commitment on Valentine's Day?

Your wedding is too close to Christmas/New Year's/Valentine's Day

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2. "How in the world will you handle the weather?"

Okay, to be honest, this is a pretty fair winter wedding objection, too.

You can't control what the weather will be like. As much as you may have planned for the weather at your winter wedding, you could still end up with a blizzard, or even (*gasp*) heavy rain in warmer parts of the country.

However, there are lots of measures you can take to ensure you still have a fabulous wedding no matter what nature throws at you.

For instance, you can have someone ready to be in charge of salting any ice that forms on the walkways, another person to hand out blankets and shawls, and a valet to park and warm up guests' cars. You can also rent patio heaters for any outside areas of your venues that guests will be mingling at; you can even resort to wedding insurance for extra security.

Part of the reason this winter wedding objection even comes to the surface is because guests are worried about their own comfort. They're worried they won't get a plane out, or that traffic will be bad around a holiday, or that the roads won't even be drivable.

These are legitimate concerns, but some are easily taken care of. For starters, warn your guests not to book a plane ticket that gets in the night before the wedding in case of inclement weather. Yeah, you can't take care of the driving conditions, but guests who get a head start will actually be able to make it instead of missing the event all together.

Weather problems? What weather problems?

How in the world will you handle the weather for a winter wedding?

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3. "I don't think we'll have the money."

If you're getting married around Christmas or New Year's, this will most likely be an objection that crosses your path.

But we call B.S. on this one. When guests say this they're actually thinking, "Crap, that's a whole lot of money to shell out at once..."

Sure, attending a wedding on top of your holiday spending is a lot to afford within a few months' time, especially for those guests on a budget. But that doesn't mean there's no such thing as careful planning.

The problem with this winter wedding objection is that guests know far ahead of time when your big day is going to happen, and should be able to save up accordingly. If they know they need to save up for Christmas gifts or a New Year's party, surely they can start saving a little earlier to factor in a day of great importance to you (and hopefully them).

It's as simple as that.

I don't think we'll have the money to attend their wedding

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4. "It'd be easier to plan a summer wedding, you know."

Now this one's just a flat-out lie.

First of all, I can guarantee you that no matter what season a bride's wedding is in, she'll run into problems (like me, who tried to have a winter-y feeling wedding in the summer which my vendors just didn't seem to get). There's no such thing as an "easy" wedding to plan, so don't let a time of year deter you - just make sure you're aware of the challenges.

Additionally, many summer and fall brides worry about being able to reserve the venues and vendors they want for their wedding day because they're in such high demand. But with a winter wedding, you are far more likely to find services who aren't booked to the brim. Most are dying for customers to hire them during this slow season.

Some winter wedding objections are valid, but this is NOT one of them.

It'd be easier to plan a summer wedding than a winter wedding.

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5. "Aren't you worried about people charging you more during the winter?"

If you just finished reading #4, you'll see this isn't true at all.

Money is always a concern when you're planning a wedding, but it's not a winter wedding objection you have to entertain. Most vendors, venues, and service providers have an open schedule when it comes to the winter season. The most you have to be worried about is if they're hosting or catering a holiday party, for example.

Basically, getting a winter wedding venue and vendors is not a problem.

And couples looking to save a few bucks might have an easier time of scoring cheap decorations, like leftovers from Christmas sales for the January couples. If your guests don't understand that reasoning, they're probably the kind that won't be happy with anything you do, so don't sweat it.

Aren't you worried about people charging you more during the winter?

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Your Turn...

Now that you know some the top objections to winter weddings and how to answer them, share with any other winter brides you know of.

Also, tell us this in the comments: what's the most annoying objection to your wedding that you've ever received (before, after, or during)?