The Unplugged Wedding: Why and How to Ask Guests to Ditch the Phone

If you're anything like me, your cell phone is usually within two feet of you at all times. Whenever you see something really amazing, you rush to the camera on your beloved iPhone. You might even find yourself feeling completely disconnected when you haven't been on Facebook for a couple days... or hours! Don't worry, I get it, but when it comes to the big occasions, be all there!

Unplugged Weddings are the solution to our phone and camera obsession. More so, they really help guests be fully in the moment. An Unplugged Wedding is where brides and grooms ask friends to ditch the phone and completely live in the moment of their wedding. I love this idea!

There's nothing worse than a sea of heads looking down at their laps when you're saying "I do", even if they are Instagramming a picture of your adorable mason jar lantern. Plus, you don't want the love shared at your wedding to be experienced through a viewfinder!

While I understand it's hard for guests to abandon their techy-sidekicks (Hey, It's hard for me too!) there are so many plus sides to asking them to check their devices at the door.

Cell phones at your wedding

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As you can imagine, cell phone pictures and flashes are weddings photographers' worst nightmares. Photographers' hearts break when  guests jut a cell phone in front of their perfect shot. Or even worse, when hundreds of flashes ruin a shot...just take a look at the picture below.

Wedding and Cell Phones

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It's such a nice gesture when guests try to snap the best photo possible with their own camera, but unfortunately they usually just end up in the way of the professional shot. Look at this bold guest!

Should you eliminate cell phones from your wedding

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Even more than ruining professional photographs, guests with cell phones glued to their hands just doesn't seem right at a wedding. Sure, capturing moments are important but that's why you hire a photographer. The complete attention of all your guests is something I am sure you want during your special day and you deserve it! It would be a shame for all your friends and family's smiling faces to be hidden behind their phone or camera. Sadly, the picture below looks all too familiar!

Cell Phone Issue are weddings

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So how do you ask your guests to ditch their devices without bothering them? Brides and grooms everywhere have found cool and creative ways to kindly ask their guests to unplug during their wedding.

Small cards explaining the unplugged wedding can be placed on each seat at the ceremony or even at each table setting.

Cell phone dilemma at your wedding

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Wedding Cell Phone Policy

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You can even have little "Sign Girls" holding up reminders before the ceremony. This is a cute way to make sure guests keep their cell phones stored away!

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Whatever way you choose to ask guests to turn off their cell phones and keep their cameras at home, it is definitely worth it! An Unplugged Wedding is a great way to make sure your guests fully experience the joy and happiness of your wedding. Who knows...they might even like being off the grid for a while!

Your turn...

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