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Rewards and incentives can inspire employees to accomplish their tasks in a productive and efficient manner.

Gift baskets and gift cards are a nice perk for the top performers in the office.

An end of the year or performance-based bonus is usually more appreciated than any non-monetary gift.

However, sometimes it can be beneficial for a company to step outside of the box and

look for a unique way to reward employees who perform exceptionally well.

The promise of a vacation in a luxury estate can be a powerful incentive that can bring out every employee's best performance.

Here's why offering an estate vacation as an incentive is a good idea:

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A cost effective option for rewarding top performers

Not only does a luxury estate have a greater allure than a standard hotel room or resort, but it can actually be a cost effective way to reward high-quality work.

Vacation estates can generally sleep over 10 people, and some can host up to 30.

The price for renting an estate for a few days is not as much as people might think and certainly not much more than reserving a block or rooms in a four or five-star hotel.

However, a hotel cannot match the exclusivity and amenities (jacuzzi, cinema-like entertainment rooms, private pools and spa services) that a luxury rental estate can provide.

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The feel of exclusivity for executives

An estate vacation can also be an effective award for a top performing executive.

A hotel room in a beach destination like Cancun or the Bahamas might seem bland and boring for someone who travels frequently and spends a lot of time in four or five star hotels.

A rental estate provides something different.

The feel of exclusivity and luxury are there, as they would be in any five-star.

However,  the extra privacy and unique features of an estate (onsite concierge or private chef, for example) make it a more attractive accommodation for discerning travelers who will truly be impressed by the luxuries that only a vacation estate can provide.

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The perfect setting for a working vacation

It might not even be necessary to wait until the quarterly sales results come in before choosing who to reward with an estate vacation.

Luxury rental estates are also great places to host conferences or project meetings.

They provide more comforts than any conference center or meeting room ever could, and, perhaps more importantly, they provide a high degree of privacy and a complete lack of distraction.

This makes them the perfect setting for a highly productive working weekend.

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Create a memorable, experience-based reward that will lead to better performance in the future

Perhaps the best thing about rewarding employees or executives with an estate vacation is that it is an experience-based incentive that will inspire a high level of performance.

Every company gives bonuses and gift baskets.

Not every one offers their employees a luxurious, once in a lifetime vacation.

A stay at a high-end vacation estate is bound to be a positive experience - an experience that will be more memorable than any other gift or bonus.

An employee might even spend part or all of a year-end bonus on a vacation, but it is virtually guaranteed that their vacation will not be as memorable or luxurious as a vacation in an exotic rental estate.

Estate vacations can be a great tool for businesses.

Employees will see a vacation in such a place as the ultimate incentive and will remember the experience much longer than any other type of reward that their company could give them.

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What do you think?

What incentives do you like best? Would an Estate Vacation or Offsite Meeting at a Private Estate be cool to you?

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