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Everyone wants their wedding or their special event to be memorable. Everything is carefully planned to maximize the memory-making potential. There will certainly be highlights during any celebration, but sometimes the most-lasting impressions are made by something that happens organically (without planning).

This is probably one of the reasons why more and more couples are deciding to have a weekend-long wedding celebration, and it is why extended families choose to schedule their reunion over several days instead of simply planning one afternoon picnic.

Why rent a villa?

vista del oro estate la jolla wedding and event venue

Planning a multi-day celebration has its challenge. It usually involves asking people to book into a hotel or asking relatives who live in the city where the event is taking place to host out-of-towners. This is often not a major issue, but wouldn't it be nice to just tell everyone to come to your celebration without requiring them to spend money on a hotel or impose on their extended family?

What about renting a villa that has multiple bedrooms? If you can find a place that has eight to ten bedrooms, you can put up all your traveling guests in one place without needing to book separate hotel rooms or without asking them to sleep on futons in their in-laws' basement. It can be a lot of fun to have everyone together in one place while they wait for the celebration to start. There would be plenty of opportunities for impromptu barbecues, morning conversations over coffee or popping open a bottle of wine for a sunset drink.

One venue for both accommodations and events

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But renting an estate like this might not seem practical. This is especially true if you are planning a wedding at a separate venue or hosting your reunion at a fancy restaurant. The cost of the event venue, catering and other services may extend your budget and make renting accommodations for your guests an impossible undertaking.

There is a solution. Some vacation estates can double as event venues. This means that your out-of-town guests can stay in the bedrooms and use the kitchen and living room during the weekend. When it comes time for your celebration, you can host all your guests in the event space. The best estates of this type can host 100, 150 or sometimes as many as 200 guests for an event.

The perfect example: An ideal La Jolla event estate

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La Jolla's Vista del Oro is the perfect example of such a venue. Located right on the coastline on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, del Oro can be used to host overnight guests AND to put on special celebrations. This San Diego area estate is huge. It has 10 bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Its common areas, both indoors and outdoors, are very spacious. The capacity for a special event is 150 people.

This is one place that your out-of-town guests won't mind spending the weekend in. Luxury is everywhere. There are televisions in each bedroom and the main common area, and their screens measure between 55 and 70 inches. The resort-style oceanfront pool offers incredible views of the Pacific, as does the adjacent jacuzzi. The outdoor dining area is ideal for a wedding reception, but it could work equally well for something more intimate like a rehearsal dinner or a casual barbecue on the eve of a family reunion.

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So Vista del Oro can be both a place for a well-planned event and a venue that can serve as the setting for more organic, unplanned memory-making. This is one of those rare estates where both casual and formal events are possible.

Del Oro has something else going for it. It is located in the heart of La Jolla, only a few minutes from the beach and from the glamorous shopping and restaurant district.

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Perhaps you are not in the San Diego area. Luckily, there are other venues like Vista del Oro that could be the perfect place for you to host your next celebration, whether it is a wedding, a reunion or some other type of party. Places like this offer the best of both worlds: a luxurious, comfortable place to stay and the perfect setting for a more-formal happening.

Have you ever hosted an event at a residential-style villa? Are you planning to? Use the comments section to tell us about your plans and your experiences.