Photo from Babble

Photo from Babble

Labor Day signals the end of summer for most families and friends. School is either beginning or work is gearing up for a busy fall season. The last holiday of summer should be celebrated accordingly, namely with very little effort. As the rest and relaxation of summer is drawing to a close, Labor Day weekend is a good time to throw a party. If you are plotting a Labor Day party or even looking to plan an over-the-top affair for next year, you don’t have to put in a great deal of labor to throw an amazing shindig. Here’s how to throw a crowd-pleasing Labor Day party with very little toil involved.

 1. Let Your Venue and Location Be Your Guide

One of the easiest ways to throw a Labor Day party with very little work involved is by picking a venue that does most of the work for you. It is worth it to seek out spots for your party that have several event services built into the venue rental price such as catering or event setup. If your venue can do most of the work for you, you merely need to supply the guests and direction of your event, rather than juggling food pick-ups and chair and table rentals on your own.

 How To Throw A Labor Day Party in 5 Effortless Steps

In addition to a well-serviced venue, the location can also make your Labor Day celebration. Lake houses and lodges prove ideal for those Labor Day gatherings with a certain patriotic charm. Beachfront properties are also Labor Day ready, especially for those who want to ring out the summer on the beach. You can even take your Labor Day celebration to locales with a knack for Labor Day events such as San Diego, Las Vegas, Boston, New York City or even Cancun. One thing is for certain when it comes to your Labor Day location. You need to be sure your venue can host an outdoor celebration. Labor Day is all about being outdoors and enjoying those last few rays of sunshine before the chill of fall swoops into town.

 2. Supply Backyard Games For Entertainment

Once you have a venue for your Labor Day party, you need to figure out how to keep aunts, uncles, friends and co-workers entertained. Lawn games are one of the easiest ways to spice up your Labor Day party. Rather than just standing around a grill, you can feature several different games of your choosing for your Labor Day party. Horseshoe, bag-o, croquet, bocce ball or even outdoor Jenga are easy to set up, all while providing hours of entertainment. Lawn games also make it possible to enjoy the outdoors as long as possible before summer draws to a close.

Supply Backyard Games For Entertainment

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 3. Embrace a Theme

To make your Labor Day party as painless as possible in the planning department, you should embrace a theme. By having a set theme, the décor, food and drink will all fall into place. A theme for your Labor Day shindig also gives the event more direction, making it easier to plan. Some popular themes for a Labor Day party include an all white party, perhaps for a Hamptons-set Labor Day event. From the flowers to the décor and dress code, an all white theme invites guests to wear their favorite white outfits before it is a fashion faux pas.

Embrace a Theme

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Some other themes that always work for Labor Day gatherings include the classic barbecue with red and white checked table clothes and mason jars filled with flowers. For a beach party, a clambake also works well for a Labor Day soirée. If your Labor Day party is set in the South, you can add plenty of seersucker details and sip on mint juleps. A good source for Labor Day party theme ideas is Pinterest. By searching the Pinterest Labor Day Party Board you can find plenty of themes to choose from and how to see your idea come to fruition.

4. Set The Table

Throwing a Labor Day party doesn’t have to be a laborious process. An easy way to make your party rise above the rest is by merely setting an unusual and inventive table. For Labor Day, it is all about the centerpieces you choose. Martha Stewart suggests using a metal planter for a centerpiece, filling it with ice and bright colored beverages. You can easily fill empty bottles with flowers to intersperse in between the sodas. Party throwers can get creative with their centerpieces without having to spend too much or do too much. For example, a more nautical themed Labor Day bash can use buoys as centerpieces, filling the center with flowers.

Set The Table

Photo from Martha Stewart

5. Serve Up Refreshments and Food with a Classic Flair

As Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end to summer, you want to close out the season with refreshments and food that your guests will remember, namely with a classic summer edge. For drinks, you can serve classics with a twist such as a Spiked Sweet Tea, a recipe from Martha Stewart, or even flavored lemonades like strawberry lemonade or thyme lemonade. Fruity flavored cocktails like a blueberry cosmo or watermelon margarita will also add a refreshing flair to your party without much thought. Hosts should consider what drinks their guests will be missing when summer is over and serve up refreshments with the season in mind.

Photo from Martha Stewart

Photo from Martha Stewart

For food ideas, you want to keep the menu classic as well. Traditional hotdogs, shrimp on the barbecue, grilled corn and bruschetta always go well with Labor Day events. The end of August and early September are also a good time for peaches. Peach themed desserts like peach cobbler work well for a Labor Day party. Other classic desserts that should be featured at a Labor Day party include glazed lemon bars, mini cherry pies or even ice cream sandwiches. Bottom line, your Labor Day party menu doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but rather a serving of the classics, may be with a new twist.

Spiked Sweet Tea

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