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Easter is just a few days away and it's time to finalize all your details for your friend and family gathering.  Today we show you a few little nice touches to add to the decor that you already have in mind or have for this season.

In the past few months, I have fallen in love with the simple additions of mini succulents.  They are stunning, you don't have to have a green thumb and they add texture to any and all settings.  Just turn the shells of an egg into a little pot and wha-la!

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Photo Credit: Papery and Cakery

I love when the centerpiece of a table is clean, crisp and subtle in color...that's why this rainbow water display is perfect! I am also quite the sucker for simple white flowers, especially the gerber daisies.  This setup also makes for a beautiful reflection on the table and around the room when the sun shines through the vases.

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Photo Credit: Delish

Now that you have your colorful yet not boisterous centerpiece down, now it's time to add to your tablescape by bringing in the cleverly done Easter bunny napkins. Delish gives you the step-by-step instructions and how to make these adorable little bunnies a part of your Easter gathering decor.

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Photo Credit: Crafty Endeavor

I was raised in a household where we always had tons of decorations for each and every holiday.  As much as I love it for my parents home, I much rather my decorations be simple in design, yet detailed and standout.  That's where this Easter Egg Garland comes into play.  Not only is it fun, but you can make it a great craft night with the family or invite the gals over for wine and Easter DIY night.

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Photo Credit: Poppy Talk

Lastly, I love this whole message in a bottle type idea that Poppy Talk came up with.  It is absolutely adorable and unassuming when one receives it!  I mean, who doesn't like the fortune cookie concept?!

Your Turn...

What are some Easter decorations | tablescape ideas that you are adding to your festivities this season?