When setting out to establish a design scheme or  theme for your next event, the best inspiration may be more simple than you had thought. Instead of trying to put your own spin on a particular holiday (such as Mardi Gras) or an overdone theme (such as "vintage elegance"), finding a personal inspiration can often be the most rewarding. Here are some great ideas for finding an out-of-the-box theme to personalize your next event:

Art & Design.

Do you have a favorite artist or favorite piece of art that captivates you? Did you and your fiancee spend your first date at a movie or an art museum? Using a favorite piece of art can be great inspiration for an event and can instantly provide a color scheme and feel for your event. The couple below loved pop art, so they decided to celebrate their union at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Just remember: as there are no limits to an artist's creativity, there are no limits to possible art-derived inspiration...

Company Motto or Values.

For your next corporate event, instead of hosting a casino night or nondescript cocktail party, bring what your company stands for to life. If being environmentally friendly & sustainable is important to you business, host a green initiative soiree. Bring in potted plants as centerpieces which can be planted after your event and use tablecloths that are made of recycled materials. Planning a fundraiser for an aquarium? Use special lighting to transport your guests under water and showcase live sea creatures as your centerpieces. Just remember: if the inspiration means something to your company, it will surely resonate with your guests.

A few of your Favorite Things.

Everyone has certain activities, foods, or things that they love to pieces. By drawing inspiration from these "favorite things," you can easily interject some serious fun and spunk into your next event. Find a photo of the guest of honor eating a hostess cupcake? Place framed black and white copies of the photo in various sizes on a brown satin table cloth as a centerpiece and disguise all of the desserts as hostess cupcakes. Absolutely love Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette ? Incorporate an over the top dessert bar surrounded by pinks, golds, and feathers and use the album soundtrack as the soundtrack to your event. Just remember: going over the top and thinking outside of the box will guarantee your guests will have nothing but fun!

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