Top Tips for Choosing an Eco Friendly Wedding Venue

You may be thinking "How could a wedding venue not be eco friendly?"

The reality is, in lots of ways.

A typical wedding in the United States produces an average of 500 pounds of garbage and 60 tons of carbon dioxide. That's a whole lot of waste!

So what can you do about it...?

Choosing a green wedding venue is the first step and it can make a huge difference to the future of the planet. Finding a venue that operates with the same degree of concern for the earth as you have is an essential part of planning a green weddingFollow these top tips to help you find the perfect eco friendly wedding venue...

Look for a Unique Locale 

From organic farms and botanical gardens to museums and nonprofit spaces, think beyond traditional wedding venues.

Unique Wedding Venues

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Utilize the Great Outdoors

Consider an outdoor setting such as public garden, park, lakeside or beach, and let Mother Nature take care of the decoration for you. Outdoor venues offer naturally beautiful surroundings that need little to no extra embellishment.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

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Throw a Backyard Do

If your own backyard isn't quite up to scratch then borrow a friend or family member's instead. By selecting a backyard with an established flower garden and/or gorgeous view the need to decorate will be greatly reduced.

Backyard Wedding Venues

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Hunt for Green Hotels

For those of you wanting to host your wedding ceremony and reception at a hotel, go green. Green hotels fit the brief perfectly by offering a variety of minimal impact options such as dispensers instead of bottles, low flow showerheads, and by donating leftover food to local shelters.

Green Hotel Wedding Venues
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Be Energy Efficient

Planning on using strung lights? Sure they're beautiful, but be smart and source energy efficient LED bulbs for the job. For powering the rest of the venue use renewable sources, timed lighting and light sensors where possible.

Energy Efficient Wedding Venues
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Opt for Daylight Hours

Tying the knot during the day and making use of the natural light available makes sense. Why rack up a huge electricity bill when the sun is kindly offering her services for free.

Daytime Wedding

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Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners can help you orchestrate the eco friendly wedding of your dreams. With their help you can bag a green wedding venue and ensure everything goes to plan.

Hire a wedding planner

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Forgo Faraway Destinations

Destination weddings no matter how lovely involve a lot of extra travelling and subsequently a lot of extra pollution. Save the exotic locations for your honeymoon when it's just the two of you.

Destination Wedding Venues
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Trim the Guest List

However harsh it may sound, don't invite everyone you know. The bigger the guest list, the bigger the venue, the bigger the gas bill and the bigger the food bill!

Trim your guest list
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Leave No Trace

A green wedding should leave no trace of its existence. You'll be surprised how trashed a meadow can look after a group of people  have been on the land for a couple of hours. Recycle your litter and lessen physical impact.

Leave no trace
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Close To Home

One of the biggest strains weddings place on the planet is travel by out of town guests. Eliminate this problem by choosing a green wedding venue that's situated close to the majority of your attendees.

Choose a wedding venue close to home

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One Location

Lots of couples are doing it, and it is a great way to cut down on transportation. If you need to have two separate locations for your ceremony and reception then organize car pools or shared transport for your guests.

Have your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location
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Green Credentials

Venues that are proud of their eco friendly accomplishments will undoubtedly boast green credentials so be on the lookout for these when deciding where to get hitched.

Wedding Venues with Green Credentials

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Locally Sourced Oranic Food

If your venue is taking care of the food make sure it is organic and sourced locally. Not only does this support the local area, it minimizes the need for transportation and packaging, plus you can quit worrying about chemicals and pesticides.

Make sure the catering it is organic and sourced locally

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Waste Management

How is your venue disposing of all the waste at the end of the day? Food can be composted or donated to a homeless shelter, flowers can also be donated to local nursing homes and rubbish can be recycled.

How is your venue disposing of all the waste
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Non Toxic Cleaning

Look for venues that use non toxic cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals such as VOCs and other nasty environmental pollutants.

Look for venues that use non toxic cleaners
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Water Conservation

What is you venue doing to conserve water? Do they have a system in place throughout the venue to ensure water use and wastage is kept to a minimum?

What is you venue doing to conserve water?
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Community Involvement

Try to find a wedding venue that actively engages and supports the local area through charity work, buying locally or by getting involved in community projects.

Try to find a wedding venue that actively engages and supports the local area
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Have we missed anything..?

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