If you choose a mansion or an elaborate historic home as your wedding venue, your guests are truly in for a treat. In addition to the wow-factor that a mansion wedding brings, there are many opportunities to make your ceremony and reception completely unique. We have compiled some great tips to make the most of your mansion location for your big day.

Highlight the Mansion's Architecture

With such beautiful features, such as columns, balconies, and elaborate staircases, the addition of even simple event lighting can make a huge difference. For example, by utilizing up-lighting at your mansion wedding, you can add visual interest, color, and create an energetic background for your ceremony or reception.

Let the Mansion's Surroundings Inspire Your Wedding Flowers

By using your wedding venue as your inspiration for your wedding flowers and centerpieces, your thoughtful observations will only enhance the mansion's beauty and your guests' experience. If your mansion is set near a forest or foothills, incorporate wild flowers, twigs, feathers, or other organic elements into your floral arrangements.  If your venue is near a field of flowers that will be in full bloom for your wedding, incorporate that flower or color into your event decor. The possibilities are endless, so be sure to take in every detail of your mansion and the mansion's surroundings.

Use Your Mansion's History to Find Your Wedding Theme

Instead of choosing a theme inspired by a color palate, why not delve into your mansion's history to inspire your big day? If your mansion was built in the 20's, include vintage 1920's accents, a la the Great Gatsby. Play a few jazz songs from the era, serve a signature cocktail in a tea cup (to remind your guests of the Prohibition Era), or rent on old vintage Model-T for your getaway at the end of the evening. You could even include an insert about the mansion's history in your wedding program. By giving a nod to your venue's history, your guests will feel that they have not only attended a beautiful wedding, but have taken a journey back in time.

Below we have listed a few of our favorite mansion wedding locations. Take a look if you are still perfect for that perfection mansion location for your wedding or other event:

Lone Star Mansion   |  Chateau de Beverly Hills   |  The Abbey Estate   |  Cairo Estate