There are many must-do activities on any honeymoon: enjoying a couple’s massage, having a romantic dinner for two and watching the sunset with a cocktail. But when you’re honeymooning in Costa Rica, you don't want to limit yourself to ordinary experiences. Take advantage of all that this exquisite country has to offer. You will want to see the beautiful volcanoes, colorful wildlife and breathtaking waterfalls. There is an overwhelming number of activity options in Costa Rica, but we've narrowed down the list of possibilities so you can make certain that you make the most out of your tropical honeymoon.

Set sail on a catamaran

This afternoon activity is fun on its own, and it is even better if you can segue into an unforgettable evening. Begin by setting sail on the catamaran and traveling to see lush coastline and islands in the distance. The water is warm, so you can get your snorkeling gear on and take a dive to see the tropical aquatic life. You may even get to encounter a pod of dolphins if you are lucky. Then, just before sunset, ask your captain to set anchor so you can watch the sun sink below the horizon from the bow of the boat.

image via Sam Beebe

image via Sam Beebe

Hike through a national park

For those who truly want to get close to nature, the best activity is an excursion through a national park. Costa Rica's nature preserves feature endless vegetation and amazing ecosystems that are home to many species of monkeys, butterflies, iguanas and other wildlife. You can travel by horseback with a group or go at your own pace on foot. Either way, the experience will surely be memorable.


Take a zipline tour

Ziplining may be a once in a lifetime experience for some. If you’re only going to zoom over the treetops once, why not do it in the tropical jungle of Costa Rica’s lush mountains? Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain, you will coast downward, one line at a time. You may even end up gliding upside-down by the last section of the descent. Not only will you get to experience (together) what it’s like to fly through the trees of a tropical rainforest, you will also get to see even more wildlife because of your high vantage point.

image via Scott

image via Scott

Visit a volcano

It’s not often you get to stay in a resort that is just a hike away from an active volcano. Nayara Springs is a romantic resort that puts you right at the foot of the Arenal Volcano. The resort has hot springs that are created by volcanic activity. This mineral-rich water is pumped right to your own private pool. You and your new spouse can soak in this water while gazing up at the volcano.

image via Isaac Bordas

image via Isaac Bordas

Boat taxi to a local beach town

After you've had a few days to relax with each other and recover from the rush of the wedding, you both may be ready to get off of the resort and experience this beautiful country as the locals do. Why not take a boat taxi to the nearest beach town? A boat taxi is the same price as a "land" taxi, but the view of endless coastline is much more beautiful than anything you will see on the road. In a town like Playa del Coco, you can browse the authentic creations of local vendors  and purchase some truly thoughtful souvenirs that will always remind you of your trip. Lastly, Playa del Coco's restaurants might look humble, but the food is amazingly fresh. Chances are, everything on your plate was grown right next to the town.


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