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Southeast Asia boasts some of the world's most-idyllic islands.

Tourists from around the world flock to the most popular of these tropical destinations to enjoy sun, sand, and surf.

Yes, crowded beaches and overused hotels and resorts are part of the landscape in places like Bali, Phuket, and Boracay.

However, it is still possible to have a memorable and luxurious vacation on these islands if you know where to go.

And if you want to have the perfect “get-away-from-it-all” vacation, these three hotspots have less-crowded sister islands that are just as easy to get to.

Here are six islands where you can enjoy a life-changing vacation in a tropical paradise.

1. Bali

Luxury Travel in Bali

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Bali's beach and nightlife scenes are centered around Kuta Beach.

If you want to socialize and party, this is the place to be, but if you want to get away, there are plenty of alternatives on this diverse island.

The bustling city of Denpasar, while not a tourist destination per se, is a great place to see energetic markets and view the kind of exotic Hindu temples and statues that are found all over Bali.

Tourists seeking quiet can head to Amed, a remote fishing village with few tourists, which will seem a universe away from Kuta's crowded sands.

Meanwhile, the Infinity Bali Villa, located near the trendy beach town of Seminyak, is a great private rental estate option for people who want the enjoy this paradise without having the put up with a crowded resort.

2. Lombok

Lombok Luxury Vacation Rentals


Lombok is the main alternative to Bali.

It is a neighboring island that boasts the same lush interior landscapes and idyllic coastal areas.

However, Lombok has not experienced the same kind of overwhelming tourist boom that Bali has.

For that reason, this is a wonderful alternative to Bali for those who truly want to enjoy a vacation without being surrounded by hundreds of other sun-screen-slathered tourists.

3. Phuket

Phuket Destination Travel

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Phuket is Thailand's largest island and one of its most popular destinations.

Like Bali, certain areas of Phuket are perfect for those seeking a lively beach scene and plenty of nightlife options.

Phuket's seaside hotspots, Patong, Kata, and Karon, host a majority of the tourists who visit this tropical paradise.

Protected as part of a national park, Nai Yang and Nai Thon beaches are perfect for travelers who want to leave the beach scene and neon-lit nightlife behind and explore the quieter side of this amazing island.

4. Koh Chang

Koh Chang Luxury Private Villas

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Koh Chang sits to the north of Phuket, much closer to the Thai capital of Bangkok.

This large island does draw tourists, but it is not nearly as crowded as the Land of Smiles' other headliners, Phuket and Koh Samui.

The white sand beaches of Koh Chang provide the kind of landscape that tourists usually imagine when they dream about a tropical paradise.

The best part about Koh Chang: many of the beaches are almost totally deserted, so you can enjoy the tropical idyll without any interruption.

5. Boracay

Boracay Luxury Vacation Rentals

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Boracay, the most popular beach destination in the Philippines and one of the most famous in all of Asia, is certainly an attractive place for beach-lovers.

White sands and palm-fringed stretches of seaside dominate the landscape here.

White Beach, the epicenter of Boracay's tourism scene, is home to most of the island's best hotels.

Nearby Puka Beach, however, is much quieter and people are generally able to avoid the crowds of package-tourists who spend their days only a few feet from their hotel on White Beach.

6. Pagudpud

Pagudpud Vacation Rentals

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This beach destination sits on Luzon, the same island as the Philippines' capital city of Manila.

It features some great beaches, the headliner being Saud White Beach.

The setting for many travel documentaries and even movie shoots, this relatively uncrowded beach has the same sense of tropical idyll as the best beaches on Boracay.

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