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It's no surprise that we are huge fans of a great cocktail! Having spent quite a bit of time traveling around the globe this year, we have compiled a list of our favorite cocktails, including a few of our favorites from our hometown of San Diego. This is not a list filled with fancy over the top cocktails. I enjoy starting off an evening sipping tequila and ending the evening with Scotch so these cocktails are simple with just a few ingredients, but balanced to perfection!

Mexican Fire Drill - Craft and Commerce, Littly Italy San Diego

Craft and Commerce Mexican Fire drill

craft and commerce

When we are not traveling you will typically find us at the bar at Craft and Commerce in Little Italy San Diego on a Friday night sipping on a couple Mexican Fire Drills. A solid twist on a margarita with a hint of smoke, fire, and sweet. The combination of liquid smoke, peppers, and just a touch of fresh pineapple balance the tequila out very nicely.

Curry Mojito - Cape Weligama, Galle, Sri Lanka

Cape Weligama Curry Mojito

I happen to love curry and of course love a solid mojito so when I saw a curry mojito on the menu I had to try it. It's basically a traditional mojito, but instead of mint, Cape Weligama has replaced it with fresh local curry leaves. Something about the curry leaves just makes this cocktail so addicting. I am still dreaming of sitting poolside sipping on one of these fabulous concoctions.

Spicy Gili - Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives

Gili Lankanfushi overwater bar cocktails

gili-lankanfushi-maldives-over water bar lounge area

It's happy hour at the overwater bar at Gili Lankanfushi with live music playing in the background and the sun is just about to set over the almost fake looking clear blue water, a craft cocktail seems like the only option to complete the perfect setting. Their signature cocktail, the Spicy Gili. While I am not usually a rum fan with the exception of the mojito, however, since it was the signature cocktail I had to give it a try. A very simple combination of peppers, dark rum, lemongrass, and mint. OH so good!!

Espresso Martini - Atholplace, Johannesburg, South Africa

Atholplace hotel espresso martini

AtholPlace lounge area bar

Every now and then at the end of a night out when I want something sweet but not really wanting a heavy dessert, I'll order a classic espresso martini. I am not a fan of creamy espresso martinis and I am usually pretty particular when I order one. So what made this espresso martini so special? We asked the bartender what was in it and the secret ingredient was using rum instead of vodka. I have tried to make this perfected espresso martini many times and just can't get it right. So next time in Joburg, I will certainly make my way over to Athol Place just to have the best espresso martini EVER!

Farmarita- Flora Farms - Los Cabos, Mexico

farmarita Flora Farms Los Cabos

Image courtesy of Flora Farms

flora farms estate weddings and events

Image Courtesy of Flora Farms

For anyone who knows me, knows my love for a good quality margarita. I very rarely order any other variation of a margarita and always special order it the way I like it, anejo tequila, cointreau, and fresh squeezed lime. So when we visited Flora Farms and I saw the “farmarita,” which is a combination of tequila, fresh pressed carrot juice, and lime, I just had to try it. Although it certainly is not what you think of when you think of a margarita, it is absolutely fabulous. And for some reason the fresh pressed carrot juice makes you feel like you are having a healthy concoction with a splash of tequila. The best part about it, you really could have one with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Irish Coffee - The Buena Vista, San Francisco, California

Image Courtesy of The Buena Vista Cafe

Image Courtesy of The Buena Vista Cafe

We have been to Ireland, have had a million Irish coffees around the globe and still “The BV” takes the award for the best Irish coffee. Is it really the cocktail or is it the experience of being at this 100 year old establishment? I don't know, but I do know that I have a blast every time we go.

Spicy Margarita - Javier's Cantina, Irvine, California

Javiers Cantina irvine California

In my hometown of Orange County, Javier's has been a staple in my life growing up and now a must every time I am home visiting the family. They have absolutely mastered the margarita and do it just the way I like it, tequila, cointreau and fresh squeezed lime. Shaken to perfection with jalapeños and garnished with a red jalapeño slice, these are dangerously delicious.

Old Fashioned - Polite Provisions, Normal Heights, San Diego

Polite Provisions old fashioned

polite provistions

Photo courtesy of Polite Provisions

If you have ever been to Polite Provisions you are aware of their extensive libation list much of which is very overwhelming for anyone. While you can pretty much order one of the many whiskey cocktails on the menu and be more than happy, I have tried quite a few and while I love them all, I have to say the traditional old fashion is the way to go. You just feel transported in time and having a whiskey cocktail at the bar with the whole experience of the preparation is really the only way to go at Polite Provisions.

Lemongrass Martini - Pot Luck Club - Cape Town, South Africa

potluck club Cape Town

For our foodie fans out there, when in Cape Town The Pot Luck Club is a must visit. From its eclectic menu of tasty treats to its extensive list of signature martinis and local craft beers, it really is not to be missed. The lemongrass martini is like having a visit to the spa in a glass. The smell of lemongrass with every sip really adds the intensity of the flavor and makes it difficult to set your glass down. I could probably drink 12 of these!

 Herb Garden - Grey Goose Bar -Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Clubhouse, London Heathrow Airport

greygoose bar virgin clubhouse herb garden cocktail Virgin clubhouse Make your own cocktail virgin clubhouse

If you have a chance to fly upper class through London, Heathrow, I HIGHLY recommend doing everything in your power to fly Virgin just to experience their flagship clubhouse. With multiple dining options, an amazing cocktail selection, a salon, spa, sauna & steam room, game area, and of course the Grey Goose Bar, there is so much to do and keep just about anybody entertained all day long. The herb garden cocktail is a refreshing gin based cocktail with a perfect combination of herbs and lime. We also recommend the make your own cocktail as well. Check out our full review of the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. 

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