DIY Wedding Hairstyles You Can Do At Home

With a little patience and know-how, you can tackle all kinds of beautiful wedding hairstyles at home.

Whether you need a stunning look for your engagement shoot, the rehearsal dinner, or even the big day itself, read on to discover 10 gorgeous wedding hairstyles that are guaranteed to make you look breathtaking:

Romantic Updo

Unfussy yet elegant, this romantic updo is a must try for brides lusting after a simple style they can do at home. This look will easily last throughout the day, and you won't need to be constantly touching it up. Pair it with makeup that is equally light and refreshing - think soft shades of pink for the lips and a dusting of brown for the eyes.

Check out the six part guide to recreate the look over at Brides.

updo hairstyles

Image credit: Brides

Garden Goddess

Perfect for the bride who wishes to have a more traditional style, but with a modern day twist. Preparation is super easy and the best part of all is that there is no right or wrong way to place a twist. If you're not into flowers you can simple leave them out, but for the full garden goddess effect choose from orchids, daises, roses, jasmine or freesia (real or faux) and nestle them throughout your do.

Head on over to Refinery29 to find out how to achieve this gorgeous goddess look.

Garden Goddess

Image credit: Refinery29

Half Up Half Down

Plenty of curl and oodles of volume, this half up half down DIY wedding hairstyle is awesome and easy to do. From curling troublesome straight hair and making it stay to polishing the look, this tutorial will keep you looking picture perfect throughout your wedding day.

Find out how to create this hairstyle for yourself at A Practical Wedding.


Image credit: A Practical Wedding

Crown Braid Chignon

This pretty hairstyle is ideal for brides with long hair and will look gorgeous with any type of gown. What we love most about this style is how it brings elements of both the classic chignon and french braid together to create a relaxed yet professional look. In a few simple steps you can bring this style to life and be instantly aisle worthy.

Style your own crown braid chignon by following this tutorial from Once Wed.

Crown Braid Chignon

Image credit: Once Wed

The Braid Wrapped Bun

This classic and easy look can literally be thrown together in under 5 minutes! Tying in the loose and flowy feel of the Summer with polished and sleek looks for Fall, the braid wrapped bun is chic, feminine and elegant making it every brides dream do. Another great thing about this style is that it's perfect for long days, dancing and withstanding the hustle and bustle of a wedding.

Discover how to rock this style with an indepth and comprehensive tutorial complete with beautiful photos at The Freckled Fox.

The Braid Wrapped Bun

Image credit: The Freckled Fox

Simple & Elegant Updo

Whether for you or your bridesmaids, this DIY wedding hairstyle a lifesaver if you're running behind or need a quick fix in an emergency. With all the wedding day madness, before you know it you look down at your watch and you have to be photo ready in under an hour and you haven't even started on your hair. This is when you reach for this tutorial and rest assured knowing you're going to look elegant in seconds. All you need is a headband and a couple of pins!

Find out how to recreate this hairstyle at Style Me Pretty.

Simple & Elegant Updo

Image credit: Style Me Pretty

Nape Twist & Pin

A modern take on a classic silhouette, this pretty style is super easy to accomplish. Perfect for short haired ladies, all you have to do is simply pin your hair into a single twist at the nape of your neck. To complete the look add some sweet wedding hair adornments such as fresh or fabric flowers, diamonds, or even a beautiful barrette.

See the tutorial for yourself over at Hair Romance.

Nape Twist & Pin

Image credit: Hair Romance

The Pin Curl Updo

Inspired by the glamour girls and classic pinups of Hollywood, this charming retro updo is ideal for brides with straight or textured long hair. Bobby pins, a pony tail holder and a dash of shine spray is all you need for this wedding worthy style. If you're planning a vintage themed wedding this DIY hairstyle will be the perfect compliment.

Check out this adorable tutorial over at Etsy.

The Pin Curl Updo

Image credit: Katie Shelton

Hair Bow

Super cute and super simple, the hair bow is the ideal match for the easy going bride wishing for a fun and feminine hairstyle. Practice makes perfect so don't be put off if your first attempt is a flop. One top tip for ensuring this look comes off is working with hair that hasn't just been washed.

See how the DIY hair bow is done over at Emmaline Bride.

Hair Bow

Image credit: Emmaline Bride

Romantic Side Braid

If you love the idea of a braid for your special day, but you want something that is sophisticated enough to make you look incredible, yet straightforward enough to recreate on your own, this tutorial ticks all the boxes. You won't have to sit in front of the mirror for hours to achieve this beautiful look either, it's quick and simple, and can easily become your go-to for a day to day style.

Discover how to DIY this look at home with this gorgeous tutorial from Once Wed.

Romantic Side Braid

Image credit: Once Wed

Are you planning on a DIY wedding hairstyle for your big day? What look are you going for? Let us know in the comments below...