Estate Weddings and Events is no stranger to the love and gratitude for a trip well planned and even more deserved. Specializing in the renting of luxury retreats throughout California and more recently, the world, we know the joy of experiencing unfamiliar lands and reaping the benefits of an all new adventure perfect for Corporate events.

If this year could talk, 2011 would sure have a lot of advice to give. One thing we’ve been noticing is a change in company incentives. For years employees have been rewarded for their brilliant work through award ceremonies, bonuses, health and wellness activities, team bonding and even lavish products.

One program in particular that seems to be in everyone’s minds and hopefully sights, is the gift of  Luxury travel. Check out a few reasons why crafting a travel incentive program with Estate Weddings and Events is sure to catch the attention of your hardworking team.


Why take weeks comparing the likelihood your entire office will feel motivation to push the limits to be the next proud owner of a 40” flat screen TV or the next generation Tablet? Let’s face it, one of the things that makes any company so great is the diversity of their employees.

The goal of any incentive program is to act as pure inspiration and a nudge of determination, something you would be hard pressed to find in any department store. A few days away from the office with a tropical drink in hand and sunset the color of sherbet? You bet.

Experience vs Product

In this economy, buying decisions are made with extreme care.

Year after year, the value of a wonderful week away cannot be beat. There will always be the “next big thing”, however there will never be another time to make today memorable.

Feel Like a Team

While incentive trips have every intention to motivate, they’re never meant to create tension from in-house competition. If this is an issue you would like to simply wipe clean, let us draw up a program created for the enjoyment of a group of exceptional workers.

Knock out a couple birds with one stone with a few team building activities (hey, yoga on the beach counts) and open bar within your exclusive estate rental. Plan far enough in advance and watch as water cooler talk shifts solely to room assignments.

January marks the start of a new year and Estate Weddings and Events would love to help create the perfect travel experience for your office. Whether a Southern California Coastal camp will light the fire in the eyes of your amazing office or a Balinesian estate venue, we’d love to be a part of making this your best year yet!