Top Instagram Hashtags for Travel

It's time to plan, experience and share that once in a lifetime adventure. Instagram is one of the best online tools for sharing your travels. Whether you are headed to an overwater bungalow in the Maldives or a luxury safari camp adventure in South Africa, you can share your photos on Instagram and have them seen by lots of people.

If you are looking to grow your Instagram following and gain lots of new likes, it's important to have a basic understanding of how to post. In crowded niches like luxury travel, you need a guide that tells you which hashtags are the best to use to get your photos seen. We have compiled a list of the top Instagram hashtags for luxury travel as well as a list of the top Instagram hashtags for honeymoons. Here they are...

The Top Luxury Travel Instagram Hashtags  --

Travel hashtags for instagram

Popular Travel Hashtags

Here are a few of the most popular travel hashtags being used on Instagram right now:

  • #luxurytravel #travel  #traveling #travelgram #travelling #traveler #travelphotography #instatravel #wanderlust #vacation #holiday #jetset #jetsettering #tourist #traveling #travels #igtravel

Hashtag Your Location

You should hashtag your location to let people know where you are and to gain followers in that area (or followers who are interested in going to that area). Hashtag the country, city, state, region or town. In addition to hashtagging your location, add your location by geotagging where you are.

  • Here's an example: #maldives #male #maleatoll

Use Local Hashtags

Check to see if there is a special hashtag that is being used as part of a local or national tourism campaign. When in the Maldives, we stayed in the Baa Atoll. The specific hashtag that we were encouraged to use for our Instagram pictures was #itsbetterinbaa. In Capetown, it was #welovecapetown. Using local hashtags will help you gain local followers and likes.

Hashtag What You're Doing

Are you laying poolside, swimming with dolphins or sipping wine in the Napa Valley? Use hashtags to let people know what you are doing. People with the same interests will be able to find you easily.

  • #relaxing #cocktails #swimming #running #dining #winetasting

Hashtag What Is In The Photo

Are you swinging from a hammock in the Maldives, looking out over the rice paddies of Bali or hiking the tea trails of Sri Lanka? Use hashtags so the Instagram community knows what is in the picture.

  • #hammock #ricepaddies #beachfront #bungalow #teatrails #poolside #island

Hashtag Where You Are Staying

Hashtag the hotel name, tag the hotel and geotag where you are. Tagging where you are staying will give you another opportunity for a potential repost.  We also recommend finding out if the accommodation has their own unique hashtag for use. For example, Singita Luxury Safaris uses #oursingita for sharing first-hand experiences.

  • Example: @singita_ #singita #singitalebombolodge #oursingita

What Type Of Accommodation Are You Staying At?

Are you staying on a private island in Mozambique, renting a villa in Italy or glamping in Montana? Share your venue type by using a hashtag.

  • #safaricamp #privateisland #boutiquehotel #chateau #villa #bungalow #ecoresort #glamping #privateestate #cottage #farm

Use Travel Publications & Travel Blogs Hashtags For Possible Reposts

If you are looking to gain lots of followers with one stunning image, we highly recommend using influential travel blogs and publications' unique hashtags to increase the possibility of having your photo shared on their platform(s). There is no guarantee your photo will be shared. However, the photos can still potentially gain massive exposure and new followers due to the fact that there are tons of people also following those hashtags. Some of them might see your post and possibly follow or like it.

On our honeymoon, we had four photos shared on Travel and Leisure, three on Matador Network, one on CNTraveler and a dozen on smaller travel sites simply by adding their hashtag. This resulted in hundreds of new followers within hours of each post.

Adding reputable travel site hashtags not only gives you additional exposure, but also allows your images to be potentially seen by thousands of additional people who would not have seen them otherwise.

luxury travel hashtags

Reputable Travel Blogs & Travel Publications:

  • Travel and Leisure - #tlpicks #tltransportme
  • Travel Channel- #livetravelchannel
  • Matador Network - #travelstoke
  • Conde Nast Traveler - #tasteintravel
  • Luxury World Traveler - #lwt #luxuryworldtraveler
  • Fodor's Travel – #fodorsonthego
  • Best Vacations- #bestvacations
  • Wonderful Places- #wonderful_places
  • Venuelust - #venuelust
  • Forbes Travel Guide- #forbestravelguide
  • BBC Travel- #bbctravel
  • National Geographic -#natgeotravelpic
  • Lonely Planet- #lonelyplanet
  • Afar Media - #traveldeeper
  • Other travel blog hashtags - #travelawesome #dametraveler #takemethere #worlderlust #Nowtravel #takemethere #mytinyatlas #myweekendescape #dispatchfrom #dailyescape #travelissexy #darlingescapes #howisummer #nakedplanet #passionpassport #expediapic

Top Instagram Hashtags For Honeymoons 

It's time to get romantic and mushy on your Instagram feed. Don't be shy! Your honeymoon is the time to share and brag a little that you are in love, and that you are in a beautiful place sharing a once in a lifetime experience with your significant other. Instagram wants to see those glasses of wine, that rose petal filled bath tub, the candle-lit dinners and sunset kisses.

What Honeymoon Hashtags Should You Use?

  • #honeymoon #honeymooners #honeymooning #honemoontour #honeymoondestination #dreamhoneymoon #romance #love #couplesgetaway #couplesretreat

 instagram hashtags for Honeymoons

Honeymoon Hashtags For Possible Reposts

  • - #hellohoneymoon
  • Huffington Post - #huffposthoneymoon

Now that you have a wide variety of hashtags to use, the question becomes: what is the best strategy for using them?

Here is our guide to hashtags. Think of it as Instagram Hashtag 101:

How Many Hashtags Should I Use? 

There is really no rule about how many hashtags to use. The important thing is that you are using the appropriate hashtags. We highly recommend using less than 10 following the description. These hashtags should be the specific hashtags for that image. Where are you, what are you doing and who are you with.

Follow up the post with a comment filled with additional hashtags you want to use. Less is more here; you don't want to be spammy. This is a great way to add hashtags for travel publications (for a potential repost).

Should I Use Hashtags In The Body Of My Text?

You should avoid using hashtags within the main description of your post. Using hashtags within a post can weigh down what you are trying to say. With these in-text hashtags, your audience will often skip reading what you have to say all together.

How Often Can I Post?

Instagram should be reserved for the best of the best of your photos. We highly recommend limiting yourself to no more than three posts per day. If you happen to add four or five on a single day, there is probably no harm in that. However, you should space them out so your audience does not have their feed flooded with your images. We also suggest testing to see what your audience enjoys most. If they want more, then give them more. Listen to your audience, they will guide you on how often you should post.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

It's okay to have a notepad of hashtags to copy and paste (as long as those hashtags make sense for a particular picture). Do not hashtag #luxurysafari if you are in Italy at a winery. This could get you branded as a spammer. Do not use #luxurytravel if you are camping on a road trip. Those paste-able hashtags should be general travel hashtags and, perhaps, notable hashtags used by travel publications.

How To Find The Most Used & Relatable Hashtags

Go to your search bar and begin to search words related to what you are doing, where you are going, etc. Then, you can see what hashtags are being used the most. Make a note of any relatable hashtags that could be useful during your trip. When you are traveling, try to plug them in whenever they are applicable to your post.

Final Thoughts...

Please note that we are not "Instagram experts" by any means. These are suggestions based on our personal experience and research. In short, this is what has worked for us over the years. It's a fact that @venuelust images do better when we are sharing our first-hand luxury travel experiences with our audience rather than sharing a venue's professional image or the image of others.

We always tag where we are, who we are with and what we are doing. We also use our intuition and include whatever other hashtags seem to make the most sense at the time. If the photo is travel related or if we are sharing a luxury hotel or venue, then we always use all the relevant travel publication hashtags in the comments for possible repost opportunities.

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Do you have some helpful tips on how to grow your Instagram following with hashtags? We want to hear about them...