Top U.S. Ranches for Your 4th of July Event Celebrations

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Time to start the grill and pull out those mini American flags from storage -- the 4th of July is this weekend.

Many of you've had this weekend planned for months. But for others, you're still looking for last-minute getaways that will create remarkable memories. You want a place surrounded by those spacious skies, amber waves of grain, and purple mountain majesties, like a sprawling ranch the early American settlers would have built and settled in.

4th of July Event Venues

Well, you're in luck. We've gathered a list of the top U.S. ranches for your last-minute 4th of July event celebrations! These locations are all uniquely charming and rustic, perfect for that nostalgic weekend you're hoping for to celebrate America's independence.

Check out these ranches and then book the one that's right for you:

Home Ranch

Home Ranch Colorado Lake House

As the name implies, this venue is so welcoming and cozy (despite its size) you'll feel right at home when you step in the door.

Home Ranch is the perfect option for anyone wishing to spend your 4th of July event in both luxury and nature. Located in the gorgeous Elk River Valley just outside of Colorado's famous Steamboat Springs, the Ranch is the epitome of classic American experience.

The Western-themed lodge has six rooms for you and your guests' use, all of which have different themes but similarly amazing views of the surrounding scenery. Alternatively, you can choose to stay in one of the ranch's 8 cabins which range in sizes perfect for a couple's getaway or a family trip.

Ranch Venues
Spend your 4th of July weekend fishing, horseback riding, rafting, or rock climbing. If you were hoping for something a bit more relaxing, head to the pool or porch with your favorite beverage and enjoy the view from the comfort of the ranch.

Finally, before you create some 4th of July S'mores, don't forget to indulge in some amazing cuisine by Chef Clyde Nelson that's been celebrated by cooking magazines. Bonus: Chef Nelson also tries to use as many ingredients as possible from the ranch's farm!

Brush Creek Ranch

Brush Creek Ranch Venue

If you're looking for a rustic setting with a more spa-like atmosphere, you'll want to check out Brush Creek Ranch.

This location's found in Saratoga, Wyoming, and has been around since 1884. While modern amenities and luxury like the spa help define the resort's name today, it was a full, working ranch for over a century, so you'll be surrounded by some of America's oldest history while you're there.

The ranch boasts 15,000 acres in the Platte River Valley as well as a main 38,000 square foot lodge. Stay in this building or choose from one of the many other private cabins if you're looking for some seclusion.

Brush Creek Ranch Event Venues

In the Trailhead Lodge you can find the world-famous Trailhead Spa, which guarantees you some 4th of July luxury with an outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, and even yoga center. When you stay at Brush Creek, you're also privy to some of the best beauty treatments and routines available, like massages and aromatherapy.

Brush creek Ranch

When you feel like adventuring out for some 4th of July activities, ride horseback along the 50 miles of trails or test your aim at the shooting range. Finish up your 4th of July event celebrations in front of a crackling, cozy campfire at the Creekside Dinner Camp.

The Ranch at Rock Creek

Ranch at Rock Creek Cottages

As if the previous two ranches weren't enough, you can't pass up the opportunity to stay at this Philipsburg, Montana ranch.

The Ranch at Rock Creek is perfect for those who want to have a truly remote, uninterrupted 4th of July event. The ranch is 50 miles outside of Philipsburg, but is surrounded by some of the most astounding views in all of America that bring back memories of the Old West.

Ranch at Rock Creek

Here, you can stay in one of the many rooms at the 9-suite Granite Lodge, experience a fantastic menu that changes with the seasons, and kick back and relax on the patio that includes a pool and jacuzzi.

Similar to the other ranches, you can choose to stay in one of the Ranch at Rock Creek’s ten private homes. There are options for the couples who want a cozy space, as well as the 15-person Bear House built in a converted barn, perfect for those larger 4th of July event celebrations!

Best Ranch Venues

Looking to rough it a bit more? No problem. Rock Creek also offers upscale tenting options, which include much more than your “normal” camping experience. You’ll have your own sitting room, fireplace, and bathroom -- still luxurious, but a bit more in line with the American spirit of old!

Finally, you can spend your 4th of July weekend engaging in a variety of activities. You can get a massage, try your hand at fly fishing or archery, or view the surrounding area via horseback or (even better) on an authentic stage coach tour.

Your Turn…

Your 4th of July event doesn’t have to be a letdown just because it’s last-minute. With these incredible getaway options, you’ll be celebrating this country’s birthday like none other.

You’ll be sure to come away from the weekend with memories of a lifetime, and a greater appreciation for the natural beauty of America and its history. Book your trip now, and have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Which ranch would you love to host your event at?