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November and December are usually when people head to their hometown to visit their relatives. A few folks might try to get in some early season skiing, and some might simply opt to stay home and relax with loved ones.

There are a few travel destinations that can provide some excitement before 2015 ends. That's right, I don't think it's time to start dreaming about your 2016 travel checklist just yet. There are two whole months to go before the new year, and there are some destinations that are best experienced in November and December.

Let's take a look at some of the travel destinations that you should consider before the ball drops in Times Square on December 31st.

Early November in Hawaii

Puakea ranch Hawaii

Puakea Ranch, Hawaii

Hawaii is an attractive place to visit year-round. The natural scenery, stunning beaches, and laid-back attitude make the 50th State the perfect destination for many people. If you head here during peak travel seasons – in June and July or December and January – it can be quite crowded. In October and November, however, fewer tourists come to the islands. The best place to visit during this time of year is the Big Island. Here you can see Hawaii's rural and natural side. Plantations like the Puakea Ranch, which is now a boutique hotel, will allow you to get in touch with the island's often-overlooked peaceful side.

Late November in Australia

Longitude 131 Australia Event Venue

View from Longitude 131, Australia

December is tourist high season in Australia. The holidays are when Aussies take their summer vacation. The dining, culture and nightlife scenes in Sydney and Melbourne are always in full swing, and both are a worthy part of any Australian itinerary. In November, you can visit the natural attractions before the full heat of summer sets in.

Early December in New York City

Brooklyn vacation

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December brings heavy-jacket weather to the Big Apple. But New York City is at its best in the weeks leading up to the holidays. You will see the skating rink and tree in Rockefeller Plaza, the lights and shopping at Macy's and along the famous 5th Avenue. And, of course, there are sights like Times Square and the city skyline. New York City is one of the world's most-urban places, but in December it has a charm that "takes the edge off." During this time of year, it is easy for visitors to see why it is sometimes called "the best city on earth."

Late December in Brazil

Insolito Boutique Hotel Brazil 4

Insolito Boutique Hotel, Buzios, Brazil

Like Australia, Brazil is south of the Equator, so December is the beginning of summertime. Cities like Rio like to party, and the locals will take any excuse to head out into the streets or to the beach to have a good time. Christmas and New Year are no exceptions to this party-hard rule.  You can spend time on the famous beaches of Rio, explore cosmopolitan Sao Paulo or head to quieter oceanside spots like Buzios or Florianopolis to ring in 2016 on the sand.

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