Turning Your Property into a Wedding Venue Guide

Are you looking for a wedding venue?

Sometimes the search isn’t easy.  You may have looked at a bunch of different locations (maybe even a few hotels), but none of them have that homely feel that you were looking for.

Do you have a large backyard?  Maybe your house is a possible venue contender. If you don’t, you aren’t out of luck just yet.

You may want to reach out to family members or friends that may have the perfect backyard.  And if that is out of the question, there is always the option of renting someone else’s home for your wedding.

Here are some great ideas on how to turn a house into a venue for weddings and events:

Maximize Space --

If you have a pool taking up most of the yard, you may think that you are out of luck, but a common trick of the trade is to use a temporary platform pool cover.  While this isn’t exactly cheap, if you aren’t paying for the venue, you’ll have more room in the budget for it. You can use this space for the ceremony, reception dining, lounge furniture, dance floor, or really anything.

If your outdoor space is limited, you may have to narrow down your guest list quite a bit.  Even so, you may have to seat your guests wherever tables may fit.  There is a chance that not all guests will be seated in the same area.

If you do have some indoor space that would be large enough to host a ceremony or reception, you may want to find out the cost for having some furniture professionally removed.  That way you may be able to convert your living room into additional event space.

How to turn your property into a wedding venue

Customize your Ceremony Location --

If you’re trying to distinguish your reception area from your ceremony location, here are a few tips.  Create a backdrop, line the aisle with flowers, or add an archway.  Get creative!  Remember, you don’t have to have seating for everyone, but you should provide some seating for older guests.

Provide Proper Lighting --

If you have an outdoor porch light, it will hardly provide enough light for everyone.  Plus, it isn't the most wedding appropriate lighting.  You might want to consider market lighting or uplighting.  It will create a better event atmosphere.

If you’re going for a more romantic vibe, use lots of candles for each table.  Just remember that your guests will want to see what they are eating and who they are talking to.  Do a trial run of the lighting well in advance so you can make adjustments as needed.

Landscape the Yard --

Now would be the time to get any projects done in your yard, including the ones you may have put off for years.  Re-sod the lawn if you have some dead patches.  Fix your broken fence.  Power wash your deck.  And most importantly, plant flowers that will bloom the month of your wedding (or buy already blooming flowers to plant right before the big day).

Indoor Prep --

Just because the event may be outdoors, doesn’t mean that guests won’t be using the interior.  A thorough cleaning will be needed throughout the house, including bedrooms.  Guests may need to use a bedroom for nursing their young one, or maybe just to store guest’s coats and purses.

Your restrooms will be used non-stop, so you should make sure they can withstand the abuse, otherwise you’ll need to rent some additional restrooms.

Once again, if there are any home improvement projects on your list, this is the time to make them happen. Your carpets could use a cleaning. The house can use a fresh coat of paint. Maybe it is time you bought that new sofa.

Catering --

Having a buffet can make things a lot easier on you and your guests.  A plated, seated dinner can be overwhelming if you're working out of a small space for a lot of guests.  In fact, it may be best to have the food prepared off site and then delivered to the house.  Unless you have a lot of ample space to create a field kitchen in the garage, or you have a commercial kitchen, chances are you won’t want the caterer using the kitchen while your guests are walking through the house.

How to turn backyard into wedding venue

Other Things to Consider --

So many things go into a great estate venue.  Don't forget about these important details!

  • Tent in case of rain - How much does a tent wedding cost?
  • Power Limits - Can your house power your lighting, DJ, and more?  Or will you need a generator?
  • Local Laws - Can you host parties at the house?  What time can you play music until?
  • Insurance - Does your insurance cover damages to the house as well as your guests?
  • Transportation - Can guests park at the house?  Will you need to hire a shuttle service?
  • Hiring a venue manager - Hire someone to maintain the house during the event.  What does an on site manager do?
  • Hiring a wedding coordinator - Let someone else take the reigns.  Use their recommended vendors.  They're experts!
  • Notify all neighbors - The last thing you want is an angry neighbor.  Let them know about the party, and hopefully they'll be understanding.

Your Turn...

After all is said and done, if you think that your home is perfect for weddings and events, you may want to considering listing with Estate Weddings and Events.  Renting out your home from private events can have a lot of advantages, and we would like to help you maximize your opportunity.

Do you have any questions, concerns, or comments? Please share your thoughts below or feel free to give us a call, or shoot us an email anytime.