TV Wedding Inspiration: How to Mimic Leslie & Ben's Intimate Parks & Rec Nuptials

Everyone loves to see their favorite TV characters get hitched.

Lily & Marshall's wedding on How I Met Your Mother was nearly as important as finding out who Ted's wife was going to be, and viewers danced along to the crazy antics at Jim and Pam's wedding on The Office. And even though they weren't Ross & Rachel, Friends fans got the pleasure of seeing Chandler and Monica tie the knot.

But more recently, Parks & Recreation fans were delighted to experience the impromptu ceremony between Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt.

While many critics and fans of the show said it was one of the best episodes to date, it was also one of the most memorable ones. The impromptu decision to marry sooner than planned led to a flurry of activity and frustration that finally resulted in a simple, intimate, and highly romantic night that no one can forget.

If you, too, simply can't get it out of your head and want to have a wedding similar to Leslie and Ben's, here's some wedding inspiration to show how you can! 

The Venue

Leslie and Ben got married in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee's city hall building. While it's unlikely you could have your wedding in this exact department (unless you've got connections), you can easily get married at your local city hall.

City hall weddings are often intimate and small because there aren't a lot of larger rooms designated for ceremonies, so this is a sure way to keep your setting similar to that of Leslie & Ben's.

However, if you'd prefer a more glamorous setting for your gathering, consider a unique wedding venue for your nuptials, like at an estate or mansion. These are highly favored for their privacy and intimacy, which is exactly what the Parks & Rec couple had. Check out smaller estates like Wind and Sea Big Sur (max 50 guests) or Pinnacle Point (max 75 guests) which will help limit the number of people who will attend.

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The Dress, Hair, & Shoes

Leslie's short, lace-topped wedding dress with a skirt of newspaper clippings was seriously one of the best parts of this entire episode. Hands-down.

Costume supervisor Kirston Mann apparently took a week to fold and sew together "newspaper clippings about Leslie’s Harvest Festival victory and City Council win, her campaign flyers, and even portraits of her role models Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama." And the flower on Leslie's dress was made out of the Pawnee city logo. How. Adorable.

TV Wedding Ideas

Photo from Popsugar via NBC

Fortunately, you have more time to pick out your dress. And you're in luck! This year one of the wedding dress trends is short dresses, and lace isn't going out of style, either. Did Parks & Rec help influence this trend? Maybe, but it doesn't matter -- we love it.

As for your hair, take a cue from Leslie's classy updo: side-swept bangs with a loose, right-hanging bun topped with red flowers. And to finish off Leslie's wedding inspiration, carry on the red trend with a pair of shiny pumps. If it's chilly out, choose some traditional winter wedding attire of matching tights and you're ready to go!

TV Wedding Inspiration

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The Decor

If the setting of Leslie and Ben's wedding was intimate, the mood was definitely one of romance and elegance.

Sticking with the simple statement of Leslie's black, white, and red wedding garb, all the decorations at their wedding were the same colors with just a few hints of silver. The show employed the use of nothing more than black chairs, white Christmas lights, white candles, a twig arch covered in more lights, and red carnation pomanders.

In terms of wedding themes and colors, you can't get a much more romantic or elegant than that. This is easy wedding inspiration you can mimic!

Wedding Ideas from TV shows

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The Entertainment

One of the great parts about your wedding day is sharing that moment with close friends and family.

So why not keep it that way? Instead of hiring a band to come in and play, ask talented family members or dear friends to participate in your wedding and provide the entertainment. 

Admittedly, Leslie and Ben's wedding was rushed, but they still managed to have Donna sing a lovely operatic piece for when Leslie walked down the aisle. And of course, Andy graced everyone with a touching rendition of "5000 Candles in the Wind."

Parks & Rec Nuptials

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Your Turn...

Sometimes when you're not sure where to start on your wedding, it makes sense to turn to the weddings of your favorite characters on TV or in the movies. And when you're looking for an intimate wedding full of romance and love, there's no better place to look than Leslie and Ben's nuptials!

Need more wedding inspiration from Parks & Rec? Check out the Pinterest board that NBC put together specifically for Leslie and Ben's wedding!

What was your favorite part about this TV wedding that you hope to copy?