Winter Wedding Flower Ideas

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We say it a lot on this blog: you need to make your wedding day everything you want it to be, right down to the very last detail.

You don't have to listen to the suggestions or so-called "advice" that others give you as you're planning your wedding. You can choose what you want, for how much you want it, and when you want it.

However, sometimes you actually do stumble across restrictions that can't be fixed.

For example, if you're choosing a winter wedding, you're going to have to come to terms with the fact that you can't have certain types of flowers in your wedding. Unless your pockets are so deep you can afford to have them shipped in and properly cared for, some types of flora simply don't grow well during the winter and won't be widely available.

Don't mistake a lack of availability with a lack of options, though! You have plenty of ways you can still accessorize your dress with a beautiful hand-held piece.

In fact, we've put together an entire guide to helping you sort through winter wedding bouquets and pick which one will make your day that much more "you."

Flowers --

So we'll start with flowers because, well, that's just the typical kind of bouquet.

Like we already said, you won't be able to get all kinds of flowers for winter wedding bouquets. Others you will be able to dry or keep alive inside if it's too cold to grow them outside.

Since we aren't particularly experts in flowers but know some great people who are, check out these interviews we conducted with four professional florists a few months ago. They all outlined the best types of flowers to use according to season.

In general, you can expect to see lots of amaryllis, roses, lilies, and carnations in stock at your local florist shop, as well as camellias and anemones. These can all be supplemented with very seasonal additions like silvery leaves, pine or evergreen branches, berries, and pinecones.

Don't forget that many brides are opting for succulents this year, too, which are incredibly easy to take care of indoors and because of their often pale colors, fit in very well with a vintage-inspired, neutral-toned winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Photo from Studio Fleurette

Winter Wedding Flower Ideas

Photo from Ruffled Blog

Pinecones --

Now let's move on to the bouquet alternatives. Not everyone wants to stick with the traditional flower option.

Some winter brides choose to ignore flowers all together and go with winter wedding bouquets made entirely of pinecones. These work perfectly for a wedding that has brown as any of its main colors, and are also a cheap alternative for brides on a budget.

Pinecone bouquets can be supplemented with fabric or materials that add to the earthy and rustic feel, like branches, cotton, burlap, or burrs. Though these types of materials are also used in spring or summer weddings, as long as you keep the pinecones added, you'll be able to use this style for your winter wedding no problem!

Winter Wedding Bouquets: Pinecones

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Alternative Winter Wedding Bouquets

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Branches --

Branches are not only a great supplement to other types of winter wedding bouquets, but they can also take the center stage.

Try looking into bouquets made entirely of bare branches or sprigs of pine or evergreen for a very seasonal bouquet alternative. Like pinecone-based bouquets, these are easier to take care of than real flowers would be, and are also cheaper to prepare as you can sometimes find the materials right outside your door.

You can even "branch" out further (lame joke, we know) and consider getting a bouquet made entirely of dusty miller to make a truly unique impression.

Winter Wedding Bouquets: Branches

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Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas: Branches

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Crystals & Jewels --

A trend in wedding decorations for a while now, bling has proven its value to the industry beyond just the engagement and wedding rings.

Though you want to be careful not to over-bling your wedding, crystals and jewels are a great fit for the winter season since they mimic the look of sparkling snow and ice. As such, many brides choose to carry winter wedding bouquets made entirely out of real or imitation crystals, jewels, and anything else that creates a nice sparkle.

Care to get extra creative with this idea? See what you think of this bouquet that's also shaped like a snowflake. Too much, or too adorable to pass up?

Wedding Bouquets: Crystals & Jewels

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Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas: Crystals & Jewels

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Feathers --

Yes, these can be used any season, but they're particularly good for winter weddings.

Feather winter wedding bouquets really give a light and airy feel to the occasion, which imitates the fluffy nature of some snowfalls. Pick out a few different colors to match your winter wedding colors, or consider using one large feather like a peacock's and adding some accents around it.

Not as heavy or in-your-face as crystals and jewels can be, feathers are also a nice addition to all other types of bouquets we already mentioned here.

Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas: Feathers

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Winter Wedding Bouquets: Feathers

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Ornaments --

Nothing screams "winter" quite so much as Christmas tree ornaments.

So why not make a bouquet out of them? If you find several you like, ornaments in a winter wedding bouquet are no different an idea than a seashell bouquet for a beach wedding.

You will of course want to avoid making your bouquet look too cheap with poor addition choices to the bouquet. What do you think - is this blue, light-up ornament bouquet too much?

Winter Wedding Bouquets: Ornaments

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Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas: Ornaments

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Lollipop (Candy) Bouquets --

If you're the fun-loving type of couple, we've got the perfect winter wedding bouquet option for you.

Bouquets made out of lollipops or any other type of candy are 100% adorable, and depending on your wedding theme, are a fitting option. Seriously, just think about how appropriate this type of bouquet would be with a peppermint-themed winter wedding!

Plus, you can nibble on it after pictures are done if you really want to.

Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas: Candy

Photo from Wild Rose Florist

Winter Wedding Bouquets: Lollipop

Photo from Monumental Wedding

Lanterns, Candles, Wreaths, or Muffs --

Forget the traditional idea of a bouquet all together. This is for brides who really want to make a statement.

Go old-timey winter by carrying a lantern, single candle, or wreath down the aisle, or just wear a cozy muff over your hands.

Memorable? Definitely. Weird? Not as weird as carrying a fish in a bowl down the aisle (yep, we've heard of it, but hey, if it's your thing...).

Winter Wedding Bouquets: Lanterns, Candles, Wreaths, or Muffs

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Winter Wedding Bouquets: Candles

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Winter Wedding Bouquets: Wreaths, or Muffs

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Your Turn...

Trust us - it doesn't stop here.

You can go for button and brooch bouquets, fans or parasols, origami flowers, and more. Of course, some of these won't hit a chord with you, while others will. You can even choose one of the main winter wedding bouquets listed in this post and add some of these other options to it.

What inspired you here, and what are you going to do about your own winter bouquet?