Unique Honeymoon Destinations on a budget

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When the dress has been paid off and the check to your wedding venue cashed, couples can be left with very little to spend on their honeymoons. A Wedding Wire survey of 6,000 people in 2015 found that on average, couples spend $3,882 on their honeymoons. Other experts estimate the cost of a honeymoon to hover around $5,000 to $10,000. Those numbers can be discouraging for the couple without a big budget for their honeymoon. If you still want a unique travel experience but you don’t want to break the bank, consider heading to these unusual honeymoon destinations.

Tulum, Mexico

Honeymoon Destinations on a budget: Tulum

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Located on the Caribbean’s western edge, idyllic Tulum positions just 90 minutes by car south of Cancun. With its mostly undeveloped coastline, sugary white beaches and clear waters, Tulum makes for an easy choice for your honeymoon, especially if you are on a budget. Due to its quieter scene, you can expect fewer expenses, from attractions to food to hotels.

Tulum Ruins

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Budget finds in Tulum begin with its star attraction, the walled Maya city perched ever so dramatically on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean. You can enjoy roaming the site for under $5 a person, making for a budget and archaeological win while in town. In addition to the Tulum ruins, sunning on a beach in Tulum comes at no cost if you have your own gear. Even if you want to get in the water and snorkel through the area’s famous cenotes, you can without breaking the bank. For example, snorkeling in Tulum’s neighboring Gran Cenote runs just $45 for a snorkeling tour of the huge cave system. Penny pinchers can also appreciate beachfront bungalows at bargain prices for accommodations and plenty of food carts and taquerias offering taco filled meals for under $5.

Rajasthan, India

Honeymoon Destinations on a budget: Jaipur, India

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While the flight over to India could take up the bulk of your honeymoon budget, once you get there, the savings pour in, especially in quintessential spots like Rajasthan. Identifying as the northern India state bordering Pakistan, Rajasthan remains well connected by air with three major airports to choose from for your honeymoon flight. Known for its desert landscapes, forts and grand palaces, Rajasthan is probably the India you have envisioned. Home to the legendary cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer, this area of India makes for a dreamy honeymoon destination.


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Budget minded couples rejoice once they get to Rajasthan over its pocketbook friendly attractions. Rajasthan invites the budget couple to stay in some its of its most idyllic cities without paying a fortune, especially in Jaipur. Known as the Pink City for its terracotta colored lime plaster coating the city’s walls, buildings and temples, you can not only find reasonably priced accommodations in town but also budget friendly attractions. A visit to the imposing Amer Fort in town, a structure begun in 1000 B.C., will set you back just $1 a person. A stop at the City Palace costs just $3 to visit. Then, there is Udaipur, often referred to as the most romantic city in India. Located also in Rajasthan, the city lends more budget friendly yet romantic activities like taking a boat out on Lake Pichola at sunset for just $40 for the hour.

Montreal, Canada

Honeymoon Destinations on a budget: Old Town Montreal

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When your budget doesn’t quite afford the chance to go all the way to Europe, you can obtain a taste of Paris in Montreal. The eclectic Canadian city boasts a Euro heritage and appearance with its centuries old buildings, vibrant arts and cultural scene and plenty of French cuisine to enjoy. The best part about a honeymoon in Montreal is that you won’t blow your budget either.

Notre Dame Cathedral

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Montreal is crawling with budget finds, beginning at its museums and galleries. Most are free or free on certain days of each month. Musée des Beaux-Arts Montreal for example offers free admission to those under 30 and free admission to all on the last Sunday of each month. Couples can also attend a service at the dreamy Basilique Notre Dame while in Montreal. Canada’s first Gothic Revival style church is just $5 to enter or free when attending a mass. Montreal also covers in parks to idle the day away at no cost like at Par Jean Drápeau, one of the city’s most famous parks. You can grab budget friendly grub at the Euro style open air market Marché Jean-Talon or attend a free music, theater or dance performance at Theater de Verdure during the summer.

Lisbon, Portugal

Honeymoon Destinations on a budget: Lisbon Portugal

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Most of Europe’s capital cities are budget busters. They leave honeymooners forking over the euros for breakfast, lunch and dinner, attractions at every turn and even when you need a find place to stay at night. However, Portugal’s Lisbon is the exception. Frequently toted as one of the most affordable of Europe’s capitals, the city spreads out across several hills. Within its rolling cityscape, you can unearth impressive architecture, steeped alleys and plenty of old world charm.

Lisbon's Nightlife

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Not only is Lisbon a stunner visually but it also appeals to honeymooners on a budget. The city offers loads of markets where you can shop and sample local produce for very little like the Mercado da Ribeira. When you are feeling cultured, you can pop in many of Lisbon’s museums for a small fee or even for free on certain days of the month. For example, the Museu Nacional do Azulejo, otherwise the city’s esteemed tile museum, along with the ornate Mosteiro dos Jerónimos remain open free of charge the first Sunday of each month. Couples can also take a wild ride on Lisbon’s colorful Tram 28 for under $5 for 24 hours. The bright yellow trams cruise the city’s hills, taking you past many of Lisbon’s start attractions like St. George’s Castle.

Cambodia’s Southern Islands

Honeymoon Destinations on a budget: Cambodia's Southern Islands

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For most honeymooning couples, an island paradise is preferable. However, soft sands and private bungalows can often come with steep price tags. In Cambodia’s southern Islands, budget-loving couples can find their slice of paradise without having to bet the farm to afford to stay. The islands in Southern Cambodia lap up the blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand and feature the country’s best beaches. Islands like Koh Rong Sanloem offer romantic getaways while spots like Koh Ta Kiev lend Southeast Asia’s rustic side. Still shy to development, albeit it is lingering, couples can embrace these islands for their quaint fishing villages, soft sands and loads of outdoor pursuits from hiking to diving to snorkeling. And did we mention these island paradises don’t come with costly fees? Budget accommodations are prevalent, food prices are reasonable and most of the activities like being a beach bum come at no cost.

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Budget honeymoon ideas

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Favors, invitations, the cake, the dress, suits, flowers and the venue costs for a wedding often impede the newly married couple from going on the honeymoon of their dreams. The costs of a wedding can even stop a couple from taking their honeymoon until years after their wedding date, just so that they can save enough to go to a dreamed destination. At the same time, if you are willing to do a bit of digging, you can find plenty of appealing honeymoon destinations for the couple on a budget.

Are you a budget couple? Where did you honeymoon and how did you save without skimping on your honeymoon?