Traditional rows of chiavari chairs obviously work well in almost every venue,

but sometimes a unique estate wedding calls for original seating arrangements and chairs.

Try one of these fresh ideas!

Hay or Straw Bails

If you are getting married on a ranch or rustic style venue, hay or straw bails are a great option.

Just add some padding or fabric draping to prevent itching, and you are all set!

This style works great for Elegant Barn Weddings and Southern Weddings.

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Circular Seating

Does your venue have a fantastic tree on the property?

Consider seating your guests in a circle around it.

Your guests will have a better view and be able to snap pictures with less people in the way.

Don't have a tree?

Doesn't matter!

Circles are ever-present in wedding symbology, which means everlasting love (e.g. your wedding band).

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Vintage Mix-matched Seating

We also love the look of vintage chairs, which add character and complement a vintage themed wedding.

This works great for a backyard wedding, especially if you have plenty of bistro seats, but not enough of the same style for all 50 guests.

Picnic Style Seating

Skip the chairs altogether!

Bring blankets for a picnic style wedding!

Best for young guests, not so much for your elderly grandparents.

Photo by Whitney Huynh


Benches look more modern and can be reused as lounge seating for the wedding reception.

Spiral seating

Want to do something even more original?

Arrange your chairs in a spiral shape.

Your walk down the aisle will take longer than a traditional ceremony and you may actually get to hear the whole processional song!

You're guests won't have to figure out what side they should sit on either!

The possibilities are endless!

Have a favorite?

Let us know what you think in the comments below...