Wedding Favor Ideas

When you’re planning a wedding, you tend to focus on the big decisions first (where to get married, what kind of dress to have, etc.).

But many times, some of the little decisions are what stick with your guests after the entire event is a thing of memory.

Wedding favors are one very common “little decision” that leave a lasting impression, so choose carefully!

Set aside some time (and some extra cash) to figure out what you as a couple can offer your guests that no one else may have already done or will do for them.

To get your brainstorming started, consider one of these options...

1. Heritage-Inspired

Maybe your entire wedding is already ethnic or heritage-themed, but don't forget to take it a step further by working that love and pride of your background into your wedding favors.

If you’re Chinese, for example, pick favors with your favorite Chinese alphabet symbol or a cherry blossom pattern.

If you can integrate an edible treat, even better!

When my husband and I got married, as a Dutch couple we provided our guests with Speculaas cookies.

Wedding Favors: Heritage-Inspired

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2. Practical AND Useful

Practical wedding favors are nothing new, but try thinking beyond the usual customized pens or measuring spoon set (because we all know that your guests already have those items).

Go with something even more useful that guests will be sure to use in the future.

Some ideas are mini flashlights or customized key chain measuring tapes.

Your guests won't need to search for a measuring tape - it’ll be right on their key rings!

Practical AND Useful Wedding Favor Ideas

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3. Game Night

Are you the kind of couple that loves playing games and throwing parties?

Make sure guests carry your fun-loving spirit home with favors that complement this attitude.

Some great ideas are customized playing cards or a mini board game with a travel case or pouch!

You will have to shell out a little extra cash for a mini version of a board game, but guests will find the favor irresistibly unique.

Wedding Favors: Games

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4. Bookish

Here’s a great way for you and your significant other to wow your guests, be green, and even spend a little more quality time together before the wedding.

Go to your local used bookstore or library book sale and pick out books to give to your guests.

You can be specific and give each guest a hand-picked title, or you can let guests pick at random.

Creative Wedding Favors

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5. Modern and Musical

Remember those mix tapes and how fun it'd be to create one for your guests to take home with them?

You can!

It's easy to create the same effect with burning CDs, or you can go with an even more modern update with a USB stick embedded in an imitation cassette tape.

Your guests will sure to be talking about this favor (and listening to it) for years to come!

Modern and Musical Wedding Favor Ideas

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Of course, there are always a lot more options for wedding favors, so make sure you put some serious thought into which one you want to provide your guests.

And don't feel restricted to just offering one type of favor, either.

You're free to pick and offer as many different favors as you want - it's your wedding after all!

Do you have any wedding favor ideas to add to the list?

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